Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Johnny Cash/Kris Kristofferson - Sunday Morning Coming Down





Suddenly lying in bed I thought of the line  'put down your roots and anchor down'  and I liked it. The little story developed pretty quickly, I got up switched on the PC, got it down before I forgot. It was really just the one take with a few small amendments. I am not sure if Hank meant Honky Tonking to mean what's in the story, but I just know he would approve.


It's a long drive from Austin Texas
heading down for the coast
so I stopped for some refreshment
I checked my hat
and headed into a bar
it was dark coming from the sun light
the juke box was playing
some sad old country tune
I asked the barman for some whiskey
and a half beer to chase it down
out of the corner of my eye
next to me was an old guy
staring deep into his beer
he turned to me and said

if your luck finds a bad one
put on your boots and move on out
but if your luck finds a good one
put down your roots and anchor down

hey old man what's your story?
and this is what he said to me
I was married 30 years to Joney
and Joney was a good one
the best thing that ever happened to me
one day I went Honky Tonking
and she found out my cheating ways
she kicked me out from our home
and never wanted to see me again
so I hit the bottle and hit the bars
I'll tell you my friend
it's a long way down

I turned to get my drinks refreshed
and when I looked the old man was gone
was he a vision or my imagination
I know it's hard to believe this tale
but I never forgot his words of wisdom
and if I ever was near to Honky Tonking
I remembered his story well
and it stopped me crossing that fiery line

so if your luck finds you a good one
put down your roots and anchor down

and if you ever want to go Honky Tonking
make sure you cover all your tracks
make sure she doesn't find you cheating
or it won't be long before you're in a bar
staring in to your beer
and telling some other stranger
your sad and desperate tale

so if your luck finds you a good one
put down your roots and anchor down

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Merival - Calendar


Do you like Singer/Songwriters/Alt-Country/Americana or Indie-Folk, or do you have a unhealthy affection to the sadness, if so you may have a case of the Tuesday Blues!

The sun is in my eyes...

Merival - 'Calendar' (2016)

This great track appeared from nowhere on my Spotify feed (The genius of Algorithm's).  It's by Canadian Singer/Songwriter Merival (Anna Horvarth) and is a rather lovely and appears on her 'Lovers' EP (Available via Bandcamp).   Her bandcamp page states "his album is a collection of songs written about people I loved before the age of 20. the songs were the best way I could find to process my heartbreak and confusion. I hope they can make you feel some feelings."

It is good, good stuff. Like a nice Rioja. Actually, listening to this whilst drinking a Rioja sounds like a good idea. I'm off.

By Sfw

Sunday, 19 March 2017

TRACKS OF THE WEEK 19-03-2017 - The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Proper Ornaments, Elliott Smith, Little Dragon

Tracks of the Week

Instagram @alanreesb

Little Dragon - 'High' (2017)

One of my favourite bands of recent times, Little Dragon, have a new album due out on April 14th called Season High. I just love lead singer, Yukimi Nagano's voice along with the band's low-fi, dreamy sound. Quite a contrast to the band name, so called because of Yukimi's fiery temperament.....I don't believe it. Something for me to look forward to this Spring.

Old Pa:-
The Jesus and Mary Chain - Amputation

This has been out for sometime but it is the first time I have heard it this week. Great to see the boys from East Kilbride back and running (I stayed there in the late 70's for 1 year) So I have always had a soft spot. This is pretty good with a what sounds like a familiar riff but who cares I love it.

London Scouser:-
The Proper Ornaments - 'Memories' (2016)

I'm all over this band and their 60's inspired tunes. It sounds like it could have been a hidden Beatles track from their archives. It makes me want to just relax, shut my eyes on a sun lounger and listen on repeat. The band's second album 'Foxhole' was released earlier this year and it is a must-listen-to. The song 'Cremated (Blown Away)' reminds me of 'Love' and is just as good as this track.

Elliott Smith - I Don't Think I'm Ever Gonna Figure It Out

It is now the 20th anniversary of Smith's final solo album 'Either/Or' and a remastered "extended" version is now available which includes this "never released" track. I have spent the last few weeks listening through his work and 'Either/Or' is definitly (for me), his magical best and would not sound out of place if it was released yesterday. Sadly it was only in 2004, that I first started listening to him, which was only a few months before his tragic death.

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Thursday, 16 March 2017

Ulrika Spacek - 'Beta Male'


Tunes that make you wanna nut your neighbour's nana

When I first saw the name Ulrika Spacek I have to admit that I was a bit put off as I thought it sounded gimmicky. But I decided to give them a try and I'm so bloody glad I did. 
The song that brought them to my attention was 'There's A Little Passing Cloud In You'. On first hearing I was mightily impressed so I checked out their 'The Album Paranoia' which was released in February 2016 and it's a corker. They sound like a 90's Grunge band and one of the heavier ones at that.

For this post I decided to choose the song 'Beta Male' which has an amazing 2 and a half minutes intro with some of the best riffage I've heard in a long time. And a close second was 'NK' 
After a spot of googling I discovered that they are a British band and hail from Reading. They've had a few incarnations (The Enigma Project & Tripwires) which I'll try and find to have a listen to. Their second album 'Modern English Decoration'  is due out this summer and I'm gonna be on it like white on rice.

Ulrika Spacek rawk... You heard it here (probably not) first

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Eddie Cochran - Summer Time Blues



The Hotel near the Burj Al Arab
EDDIE COCHRAN - Summertime Blues


The following 3 incidents happened in the last two weeks beginning 21st Feb 2017.


Old Ma and I were visiting Shellhunter in Dubai she was about to leave after one year, it just did not work out for her there. (broken promises) We were there to help her out packing etc and at the same time we were going to do Dubai. We just had to get to the top of the Burj Kalifa the highest building in the world. and should be considered as one of the wonders of the modern world. It is just awe inspiring and is a fabulous building. We also did the usual bus tour taking in all the famous landmarks, the Palm Island, the Burj Al Arab, the only 7 star hotel in the world. (I bet the Butler wipes your bum with Egyptian cotton hankies before spraying you botty with expensive sandalwood perfume).

One of the things we wanted to do was experience one of the famous Friday Brunches. We choose one of the most expensive at a 5 star Hotel (slumming it) The cost was about £120 per head and included all drinks except Champagne. That was another £100 pound. The sell was that it takes 40 Chefs 3 days to prepare the buffet. It was out of this world, I have never in my life experienced anything like it. Foods from all over the world superbly prepared with finesse.

We all decided to treat it like Tapas and just take small plates at a time and keep away from potatoes, rice and pasta. It was hard to get past the sushi counter, it was just to die for. On arrival you were given cava, good quality too. I then went on to white wine but had always two glasses on the table and they were always full. One the cava and the other the white wine. I did have a beautifully prepared Gin and tonic at the Gin station. The whole experience lasted about 4 hours and it was just great for people watching. All Dubai's expat finest were there in all their makeup and finery, high heels and all and that was just the guys.

This brings me to the conclusion, I remember leaving the venue and the next thing I remember was wakening in bed at 02:30 in the morning and it finished at 16:30. I had no recollection what happened as did Shellhunter (she got stuck in too) Old Ma was furious saying we were both a disgrace swaying about and I tried to kiss the waiter, a very agreeable young American lad. She has got the photo to prove it. (help). Later when I checked my wallet I was 500 dirams light. (about £100) I must have give the taxi driver 500 instead of a 100 note. (don't get pissed in Dubai)


We travelled back from Dubai and arrived in Barcelona just after 20:00 and were going to stay in an Airport Hotel for one night and catch the short flight to Alicante the next day. It was quite a long walk to the pickup point and it was not exactly clear if we were in the correct place. To cut a long story short we missed the bus and I was trying to phone the Hotel to find out the next pick up time. I suppose I was a little stressed. After the call I noticed my travel bag gone. There were two guys that I felt were suspicious and they obviously took their chance. Old Ma was in a right state I thought she was going to have a heart attack. I take these situations with a more relaxed resigned approach.

Anyway she was off on a mission to find the police and I just followed on with the cases. My travel bag had the lot, passports, flight tickets, 100 euros which I just cashed plus a lot more personal stuff. We eventually found the police station and were giving the lowdown (luckily Old Ma speaks a little Spanish) when the officer said they had found a bag and they will bring it asap. It arrived and only the 100 euros was taken and everything else was intact. Result I thought.

It was a very welcome couple of beers in the Hotel bar believe me. I have now devised a chain with two clips that can be clipped to your bag and a a trolley or almost anything. Maybe it's a case of after the horse has bolted, but you have to learn, even at my age.


Shellhunter is coming with our Grand Daughter Ripley in a couple of weeks to stay for 3/4 weeks. I have a mission to get books, toys, high chair, and car baby chair. I advertised in a local forum and got a few responses. I picked up some toys and books and was on my way down a dual carriage way to see a car baby seat. when I was stopped by the Police. It was the first time in 14 years I had been stopped. I knew they were having purges because you now had to have a Spanish driving licence. I pride myself in always having my car papers up today just for such an occasion. The Officer went through my papers with a fine comb and eventually asked me to sign his hand held computer and in broken English said you are being fined for speeding. I just smiled and said Gracias, there was no point mentioning the cars that overtook me on the outside lane. I looked at the paper the fine was 100 euros.

I carried on and met a very nice old couple and chatted to them for about an hour and bought their baby car seat for 25 euros. Well 125 euros I suppose.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

TRACKS OF THE WEEK 12-03-2017 - Quiet Life, Krakow Loves Adana, Lambchop, Nite-Funk

Tracks of the Week

Instagram @alanreesb

London Scouser:-
Quiet Life - 'Live Wire' - (2016)

Another week, another new band to me. This is the opening track from the album 'Foggy' and it sounds a bit Jose Gonzalez to me, which can't be a bad thing. The rest of the album has some real country numbers, which I didn't expect to enjoy, but I was tapping and singing along like a goodun' in my car. The video for this is a bit arty, with a lady dancing around contemporary style which on paper shouldn't work, but does.

Kraków Loves Adana - Never Quite Right (2017)

Dark and Moody like a Galaxy chocolate advert, this track has me staring at the floor like my fifteen year old self. (Moody, grumpy and eating chocolate). Kraków Loves Adana are a Hamburg based indie band started by Deniz Cicek and Robert Heitmann.  This haunting and atmospheric track ticks all the buttons and for Horror movie buffs features footage from the classic "Carnival of Souls". Loop-tastic. Ooooh.

Nite-Funk - 'Let Me Be Me' (2016)

Last week BBC6 Music had 1994 day, showcasing some really important bands, artists and songs that perhaps defined an era. I initially poo pooed the idea, yes those were some good days but don't look back in anger, move on, there are some great bands and music around at the moment. My wife told me not to be such a snob and reminded me that people, including myself, take comfort from nostalgia as you relive your formative years through the music that made you who you are. She's of course right, so stuffed with humble pie, I made a playlist of all the heavyweight Hip Hop at that time and thoroughly enjoyed it. Which eventually brings me to last summer's, neon splashed, 'Let Me Be Me'. For me it is a pure slice of 1984 nostalgia, taking me back to a much simpler happy time. Being 10 and listening to the likes of Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam before I indeed started listening to the Cult and the Jam. LA's Nite-Funk is a collaboration between songwriters and producers DAM Funk and Nite Jewel, 'Let Me Be Me' is taken from the EP, Nite-Funk. 

Old Pa:-
Lambchop - When You Were You Were Mine (2017)

I'm a great Lambchop fan and Kurt can do nothing wrong in my ears. Saying that this took a couple of listens to get through, the distorted lyrics get a bit of getting used to but it works once you get used to it. This is the old Prince song and it give a whole new vision to the song. It just gets better and better with each hearing could be my track of the year so far. 

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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

J Tillman - Love No Less Worthy


Do you like Singer/Songwriters/Alt-Country/Americana or Indie-Folk, or do you have a unhealthy affection to the sadness, if so you may have a case of the Tuesday Blues!

Bird of prey

J.Tillman - Love No Less Worthy (2010)

I remember hearing this in early 2011 and being blown away by J.Tillman.  After a little digging, I discovered that he was actually the Joshua Tillman who had been the drummer of the excellent Fleet Foxes and had released seven albums before Singing Ax, (the album that featured Love No Less Worthy).  The amazing thing about this album is that he did not do any promotion for it.  It was recorded in three days by Steve Albini, put on up on his record label's webpage and didn't even have a UK release.  Without sounding too much like a cock, this album became a "where have I been" moment for me.  My late 20s and 30s had become lost in a haze of work and I'd forgotten how important music was to me.  It was a bit of a catalyst for this blog-ting, as I no longer wanted to be 'out of the loop'.  That was then and this is now.

Despite him now being known as Father John Misty his early material is excellent and should be given a good going over.  Do it! Do it!   

By Sfw

Sunday, 5 March 2017

TRACKS OF THE WEEK 05-03-2017 - Mark Eitzel, Quilt,

Tracks of the Week

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Mark Eitzel - 'The Last Ten Years' (2017)

American Music Club frontman Mark Eitzel recently released his 10th solo album called, "Hey Mr. Ferryman". Produced by ex-Suede guitarist Bernard Butler, "The Last 10 Years" is fairly catchy for the veteran singer who is renowned for his "Melodic Melancholy".

He's currently playing a number of dates in the UK. Get in!!

London Scouser:-
Quilt - 'Roller' - (2016)

I'm loving this track and most of the album (Plaza) with it's 60's vibe. As I spent most of last year in a musical wilderness, I'm only now just discovering it and I'm trying to put my finger on who they remind me of. Part of me wants to say Dubstar, but I'm sure that's not right... Suggestions on a postcard please

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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

The Specials - Much Too Young



THE SPECIALS - Much Too Young


'I'm pregnant!'
'Your what!'
'I'm pregnant'

I was sitting with my girlfriend in a new up market pub in Inverness, it was 1969, I was nineteen and she a year younger. She was in her last year at school. It was another of these snapshot moments that will stay with you forever. She was smoking a pink Russian Sobranie Cocktail cigarette and I was smoking a gold leaf. She was drinking a brandy and babycham and me a pint of Tenants' lager. The memory is that clear.

'What the hell are we going to do?'

She did not want to keep it. I said that I knew a couple of guys I could ask and maybe they could arrange and abortion. In these days it was not quite as easy to get a termination. You had to have good reasons and it was a bit of a process to go through. I eventually found out somewhere and it would cost £400 . After a lot of debate we thought it would be best to come clean and she should tell her parents and just deal with the fallout. Like most parents after the initial shock they gave her their full support. She gave the standard story that we had too much to drink and got carried away and it was only the once and it would never happen again. Only the once, my hat. We were at it like bleeding rabbits like you do at that age if you were lucky enough to get the chance.

Her father was rich and owned half of Mallaig a small town on the west coast of Scotland. He had a surgeon friend in Edinburgh and the operation was dually arranged. While she was in Mallaig I wrote her a letter and said I would marry her if she changed her mind and wanted to keep it. The guilt was weighing me down. In her reply she said  'she could not wait to get rid of the bloody thing'  Unfortunately my Mother found this letter and my game was up. She was more upset at the callous way my girlfriend described the situation. But my mum liked her and just really accepted the situation as it was.

My girlfriend soon returned to complete her exams and we continued with our bunny exploits.

One day a friend of mine was doing a job in Mallaig and I decided without telling my girlfriend to visit her parents. I don't know what possessed me but I think it was partly guilt and partly to show I was not some kind of monster. I knocked at the door and her father answered  and I said  'I suppose you have heard of me'  not the best choice of introductory words. He stared for a few seconds as if transfixed by a cobra and then just turned and walked away leaving me on the doorstep.
A few minutes later her mother appeared and invited me in. I had a cup of tea as I apologised for the trouble I had caused and I was indeed very sorry. The father returned and just glared but he did acknowledge that it took courage to visit like I did.

The following Christmas I stayed with them and actually got on well with them. I am not a monster, I am a human being.

I asked both Shellhunter and Flycasual if I should post this. I am glad I asked them as it said a lot about me. Flycasual was rightly concerned about the reference to the 'going at it like Rabbits' etc. when after all it is about a serious subject,abortion. When I thought about it yes, I have taken a subject which is always controversial to say the least. People feel very strongly about it and there are some women who can't have children and it must affect them badly. I will say no more about the subject other than what it says about me is exactly what I am. I don't take anything very seriously and tend to joke about almost everything and what I wrote, that is how I felt at the time. I'm an old fart and I will soon be dead, ha! ha! ha!.

I will probably drop dead next week now.

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Tom Joshua - Meteor Showers


Do you like Singer/Songwriters/Alt-Country/Americana or Indie-Folk, or do you have a unhealthy affection to the sadness, if so you may have a case of the Tuesday Blues!

Tom Joshua - Meteor Showers (2017)

Is there anything better than a singer with voice like Fionn Regan and the sound of string scraping the fret of a guitar? Well before you knock me down by saying anything with Scarlett Johansson and call me a complete weirdo, you should give this wonderous track a spin. Tom Joshua is a alt-folk singer/songwriter from Teeside, North East England, who says he wrote the song 'about a girl I saw dancing while out walking the dog' and this is his first release.

With influences that include Nick drake, Iron & Wine, Damien Rice and Jeff Buckley I can see me keeping an eye out on Mr Joshua like Senator Palaptine did on Anakin Skywalker.  Great stuff, check him out!

By Sfw

Sunday, 26 February 2017

TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 26/02/17 - Fufanu, Chilly Gonzales, Floating Action,

Tracks of the Week

Instagram @alanreesb

Fufanu - 'Sports' (2016)

This week my work had recently undertaken a inter-departmental, 5-a side football match, unfortunately/thankfully I couldn't make it as I was working the night shift. Our department's rabble lost the game but it would have been highly unlikely that, with my knees, I would have made a difference. I'd probably be patrolling the midfield with all the presence and attacking intent of an empty packet of crisps blowing across a playground. All talk of sporting prowess is of a dubious coincidence since I have been listening to an album called Sports by Icelandic trio, Fufanu and rather good it is too. Lead single, 'Sports', is my standout, a bit of Krautrock behemoths Can thrown in along with a dose of Joy Division, maybe, and you get a pacy 06:30 of a track. Taken from their 3rd album which was released earlier this month. The Video isn't bad either, catching the band on their sportsday.

Chilly Gonzales - Tear Jerker (2017)

Here is a particulary melancholy, yet beautiful tune by the king of ivories, Chilly Gonzales. It features Pulps Jarvis Cocker and features on their Room 29 album which is based on the concept of 'What if a hotelroom could "sing" of the life stories and events it had witnessed?'

It also features the amazing line of "You don't need a girlfriend, you need a social worker", brilliant.

London Scouser:-
Floating Action - 'Don't You Wanna Be Ready' (2016)

This week I've chosen another track by an artist I was unaware of prior to hearing this song. I love the simple guitar sound that starts and continues throughout. It's the work of Seth Kauffman who does everything in the studio, but does have a band that joins up for touring purposes. This is the opening track to last year's 'Hold Your Fire' album and on first hearing it's a good 21 track listen. They are currently signed to Jim James' (My Morning Jacket) record label Removador.

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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Wagoneers - Por Favour Senor





I was returning back to Saudi Arabia from Montreal. I was attending an IATA think tank, to update the Dangerous Goods Manual. Why I was sent there I will never know?. I was asked if I would attend and there was no way I would turn down a jolly outside of the Kingdom. I could just turn up and act intelligent and every now and again try and contribute something, anything to justify my place. I would write a report that I knew nobody would read and if they did I would add some technical details and they would soon get bored.

I reached the airport and found that the flight was delayed for a few hours. That was ok by me, I had three quarters of a litre of Jack Daniels to finish, which I could not  (officially)  take on board with me.

When you are at any airport in the world going back to Saudi Arabia you are guaranteed to meet someone you know or have seen who is also returning. This was no exception and I met a couple of other guys and like me they were trying to finish off their supplies before getting on the plane.

The sad situation is that all us expatriates seemed to think that it was our duty to get as much alcohol down our throats in the departure bar. We then have to rush in extreme panic trying to make boarding after last calls have been made and all our names have been called.

This developed into one heavy session, all the bottles of spirits were being consumed and washed down with beers. We were a rowdy bunch.

Last calls were made and I shot off to the gift shop to get some presents to take back for Shellhunter and Flycasual. They always got much bigger presents after such drinking sessions. My defences were down.

The next thing I remember is waking up on the plane and we were about to land in Jeddah. I don't remember boarding or going to my seat. There was no sign of my hand luggage or the gifts I had bought. I must have put them all in the luggage racks. Or did I leave everything at the airport, I just did not know?.

I waited until it was clear and looked into the luggage racks nearby and there was no sign of anything. I was cursing, how could I have been so stupid. That is it,

'I will never again drink before getting on a plane'.

I decided to look in some more compartments and to my extreme relief there was everything about 3 or 4 rows behind me. I could have kissed a Stewardess.

It never fails to amaze me how you can function  'itelligently'  and not be aware of what you are doing. Some part of your brain just switches off due to the excess alcohol and another part takes over and puts you into some sort of auto pilot.

I later found out that one of my session guys fell asleep at the bar and did not make the flight.  (lightweight)

Sunday, 19 February 2017

TRACKS OF THE WEEK 19/02/2017 - Jade Imagine, The Dig, Rhiannon Giddens, Elbow


Instagram @alanreesb

Jade Imagine - Walkin' Around

This came out the tail end of last year and following a pretty rubbish week for me, it has managed to press all of the right buttons. Jade Imagine is the solo musical project of Melbourne based musician Jade McInally. "Walkin' Around" reminds me of Courtney Barnett playing Cass McCombs songs, which if has happened, I need to hear. Her family friendly debut EP, What the Fuck was I thinking, is out in April.

Old Pa:-
Rhiannon Giddens - Hey Bebe (2017)


This gal is new to me, I have been listening to her album this week and it is something else, so fresh and original. This song is inspired by Creole music and sounds if it could be recorded in the 40s or even earlier. There are lots of different types of music here with her own special take. Worth a shot!

London Scouser:-
The Dig - 'Astronaut' (2017)

I'll admit that I hadn't heard of 'The Dig' until I saw that this track was plugged by 'Black Books' so I thought I'd give it a listen. On first hearing, I didn't think it was out of this world but giving it another try I started to like it. It's got a catchy almost 80's feel to it which works for me.
The band apparently used to share a studio with 'The Strokes' and early on there were some comparisons made which ain't too shabby. This is from their latest album 'Bloodshot Tokyo' which is out now

Elbow -'Gentle Storm' (2017)

I've like been a fan of like Elbow since like totally forever and always look forward to a release despite the fear that perhaps their best material is behind them. Wrong! Little Fictions, their seventh album, is arguably their finest in awhile. It is indeed a rarity for me, in this day and age where lack of time and musical convenience prevails, to listen to an album in it's entirety but I have thoroughly enjoyed doing so multiple times. It also seems that the Elbow crew have been listening to a bit of funk during the recording of the album from the evidence of the 'Funky Drummer' beat on a few of the tracks, a nice contrast to the melancholia on offer. Anyway, waffle over, hard pushed but 'Gentle Storm' is my song of choice, a force 10 of track, delivered in the trademark Guy Garvey style. Lancashire represent!

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Tuesday, 14 February 2017




THE RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS -- You've Lost That Loving Feeling


HERE COMES THE PAIN (pop song 5)

I just try to be who I am
and won't hide behind any lies
maybe I come on a little too fast
and tell them how I feel
should I keep some things back
and go against my grain

or play it cool for my protection

to not look like the fool

Here comes the pain
here comes the pain again
I've lost out to love again
here come the pain

I think I'm too obsessive
I always love with all I've got
maybe I come on a little strong
giving out all my love
is it wrong to want him forever
share with no one else

or should I play it bad for my protection

to stop me feeling sad

I can't tell them any lies
it's something I just can't do
maybe if I learned to cheat
but that's not my way
I believe I should be faithful
I'm a one man girl

or should I play it smart for my protection

to save my fragile heart

Here comes the pain
here comes the pain again
I've lost out to love again
here come the pain

he had me for his play thing
I was just his puppy dog 


THE RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS - (Your My) Soul and Inspiration


It is Valentine Day again. Here is my verse for my dearest Michele. I know she will say I am taking the piss and I don't mean it. But deep down I do. I will let you know how she reacts.


Put your arms around me
tell me that you love me
tell me again that you do
I look into your eyes
and I see the sadness
and beauty that is you
hold me close my love
hold me tight
so I can feel your heart beating
in rhythm with mine
with your arms around me
I have never felt so safe and warm
nothing bad can touch us
no one can do us harm
when my time comes
and if I have to die
this is how I would chose to go
with you my love and in my arms

Sunday, 12 February 2017

TRACKS OF THE WEEK 12/02/2017 - Fionn Regan, Son Volt, Tinariwen,


Instagram @alanreesb

Tinariwen - 'Nànnuflày' feat Mark Lanegan and Kurt Vile

It's always a treat to get a new release from the undisputed kings of the Desert Blues. Elwan is their 7th release and was recorded between Morocco and the deserts of Joshua Tree as a result of the continuing conflict in their native Saharan homeland. This is reflected musically in Nànnuflày, employing the help of Mark Lanegan and Kurt Vile, it bears all the hallmarks of the Touareg band's Blues sound but a lot more stark. I'm going to treat myself to a mint tea and indulge. 

Fionn Regan - "The Meetings of the Water" (2017)

This came out last week and I've been obsessed ever since. 'The Meetings of the Water" is out 14th April 2017 and is the Irish singer/songwriters fifth studio album. If the other tracks are as good as this I'll be delighted. The video stars Cillian Murphy (“Peaky Blinders,” Batman Begins, Inception) in a creepy midnight drive that manages to keep your attention by making your imagination run wild.

Old Pa:-
Son Volt - Back Against the Wall (2017)

Here we have a track from Jay Farrar (Son Volt) about time he got back together with Jeff Tweedy and do some stuff together for Wilco.. In the meantime this will do quite nicely. This is taken from his new album Notes of Blue..

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