Getting new computer so just a quickie this week. Who was the greatest soul voice ever? You probably would go for Otis Redding and rightly so to. But if you have not heard James Carr then check him out NOW. He gets my vote, a little bit more refined than Otis and just a joy for theses old ears!


Four tracks to suitable for any royal wedding...

Action Bronson - 'Baby Blue' feat Chance The Rapper (2014)

A fabulous soulful track from Hip Hop's very own Master Chef, Action Bronson, taken from his fourth and latest album, Mr Wonderful. Action Bronson, is one of my favourite MC's, never taking himself too seriously and with tracks full of humour, check out his excellent pastiche of Easy Rider. Chicago's, Chance the Rapper makes an appearance, wishing some bizarre ills on his ex-girlfriend. Who says Hip Hop can't be romantic.

This Is The Kit - Silver John (2015) 

This soothing track by This Is The Kit reminds me so much of Sharon Van Etten.  So it wasn't a big surprise to find out that it was recorded and Produced by, The National’s, Aaron Dessner.  The Bristol based bands third album features a little help from Matt Barrick (The Walkmen), Thomas Bartlett of Doveman, and Dessner's brother Bryce.  They all make it rather good

Old Pa's Corner:-
Jesse Malin - Addicted (2015)

I was quite into Jesse Malin's first album a few years back but I sort of lost track of him until I heard this little gem. If it is good old fashioned rock that you want, then look no further. This is just great and like the title, you get quite addicted to it. It is one of these that like a burrowing worm, it will get into your brain and you will wake up with it. 

It is from his new album New York Before the War (2015)

Shell Hunter:-
Faith No More - 'Superhero' (2015)

Yesssssss! One of my favourite ever rawk groups have returned to the soundwaves! Its been a whopping 17 years since they released their last album so it leads me to ask, can they continue where they left off? Of course they can! This is the second single from their upcoming album Sol Invictus due out on May 19th. Its hard hitting, pounding with decent riffage and suitable for any Superhero soundtrack. It was even first revealed by the band on Marvel.com. This is very exciting stuff for a nerd lover like myself and so good to hear Mike Patton's comical vocals again! 

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I spied the fairest damsel
WOVENHAND - As I Went Out One Morning (2009)

Here are two different versions, both from 2009 of As I Went Out One Morning from John Wesley Harding.

The first is by Wovenhand and was recorded for KEXP 90.3 FM Seattle, the date was 9/4/2009.

The second take is by the Dirty Projectors and is on their album Bitte Orca (2009)
DIRTY PROJECTORS - As I Went Out One Morning (2009)

Three amigos!
Tres Grande Cerveza
Torrevieja's Finest!
Here are the young men!

COWBOY JUNKIES - Handouts in the Rain

A few weeks back I had my nephew over from Canada along with one of his friends. They were both in their early fifties but boy! were they wild and boy! could they drink. I had a few sessions with them but just could not keep up the pace so we shipped them off to Benidorm for a few days. I needed recovery before the next session.

It was just one long gut busting laughter session. These guys had so many stories to tell. My nephew is a freelance photographer for the police and the other guy was an engineer and part time guitarist in a Band. and travelled all over. 
At one time Fred lived next door to two members of Arcade Fire and knows them well and often heard them jamming next door.
As for their love life well they could make 10 movies about them and much better than that shitty 40 shades of crap effort.
Here are two little things that happened on their trip of which was an incident filled happening. Both I found so amusing, I even laugh out loud thinking about them.
They had planned to catch flight from Montreal to New York then to Madrid and then to Alicante. When they arrived at Montreal they found that their flight was cancelled. Holiday over before it began. By my nephew Fred is a real charmer and managed to get arranged on the same ticket another flight to New York and then a flight to Paris and the on to Alicante. Carl was very impressed with all this organisation and decide to just sit back and let it all happen and follow Fred. When he told this, Fred was in total surprise and said that is odd and that he was following Carl as he seemed to know what he was doing. I don't know how?  but they got here,
The second story was after a drinking session, all day (I am still suffering) Carl got up during the night and went outside for a smoke. In a daze he came back in and passed my parrot, the parrot,  in my voice said 'are you OK'. Carl replied  'yes I am fine, just going back to bed'. He was half way up the stairs when he realised he just had a conversation with a parrot.  

RICHIE HAVENS - Handouts in the Rain


Do you like Singer/Songwriters/Alt-Country/Americana or Indie-Folk, or do you have a unhealthy affection to the sadness, if so you may have a case of the Tuesday Blues!

Radiohead - Gagging Order (2004)
I have to admit it, I'd forgotten all about this. There was a time (pre-spotify) when I'd buy everything by an artist and unless it caught me right (I.e. Kid kick in the nuts) it might just gather dust in my CD collection (yes, I have one still). It was a welcome surprise to hear this the other week on my iTunes randomiser. It features on COM LAG (2plus2isfive), a 2004 EP that was released in Japan and Australia which followed their album Hail to the Thief. Great stuff that reminds us all what Thom and the chaps can pull out of the bag when they stay away from drum and bass records

Four tracks to make your bunnies dance this Easter...

Andy Shauf - I'm Not Falling Asleep (2015)

I'm Not Falling Asleep by Canadian singer/songwriter Andy Shauf is my current tag line. Rather than case of insomnia, I blame my daughters current sleeping habits (or lack of)!  Its sombre tones feature a clarinet - I can't remember the last time I heard a clarinet! 

London Scouser :-
Giant Sand - 'Transponder' (2015)

Last year I was privileged to meet the great Howe Gelb and for my recent birthday, Shellhunter bought me a ticket to see Giant Sand play in London this June. I'm really looking forward to it and was over the moon to hear this new track. It's a dreamy song that could easily transport me to the deserts of Arizona and is bang on form.

Old Pa's Corner:-
India Electric Co. - Lost In translation (2015)

I like this one by India Electric Co. it is from their new album  The Girl I Left Behind (2015). Quite difficult to define, but interesting enough for me to want to hear the album. This sound fresh and original. So much potential, I must say I am looking forward to the album.

Camel Power Club - 'Tagada' Feat Akin Yai

Thanks to Sfw for the heads up with this track, it is indeed right up my alley. Instant impact from the French Indie duo, providing a laid back groove for Benin/US rapper Akin Yai to flow over. The perfect song to get you out of a hump!!...sorry!

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Just got back from a visit to the UK to visit Shellhunter and Flycasual and to see all my Grand kids especially the new addition Ripley. It was indeed a pleasure. This is really what it is all about!!
Only trouble is, Ted, Flycasual's youngest goes to nursery and picks up every disease know to man. He of course passes them on in his nice little way to anybody who to give him a kiss (queue David Cameron).
Guess who picked up the dreaded vomiting disease. I rushed to the loo in the middle of the night, just got on my knees, was about to lift the lid when whoooooshhh! a hot stream of vomit everywhere. I tried to mop/wipe it all up. But you know how it is, there is always a tell tale carrot hiding somewhere.!
Parents and kids - who'd have 'em!  

I hope to get back in full swing shortly, can't wait to catch up!

JACKSON BROWNE - Running on Empty


Do you like Singer/Songwriters/Alt-Country/Americana or Indie-Folk, or do you have a unhealthy affection to the sadness, if so you may have a case of the Tuesday Blues!

Courage - Villagers (2015)

Villagers — aka Conor O’Brien — have always been a favourite at the surgery.  Melodic, intimate and intellegent, his latest release, ‘Darling Arithmetic,’ has him playing every instrument, recording and mixing it himself, at his home in Malahide, north of Dublin.

His previous two efforts, Awayland and Becoming A Jackal, are both Mercury-nominated successes. He now features a beard and could become a lookalike for actor James McAvoy, or vice-versa

Four tracks that had our vote this week....

Shell Hunter:-
Kendrick Lamar - 'King Kunta' (2015)

 I decided to get back into hearing new music by putting my new digital radio in the nursery. Every morning now I stick it on whilst it's feeding time. Yesterday was the first day I thought, "This is excellent, I wonder what it is". I haven't said that for a while it seems! This track is taken from Kendrick Lemar's latest album called To Pimp A Butterfly which was out last week. This isn't normally my thing but it was so good to hear something different and I especially like the little metallic sound which happens every now and then. It's like when a cartoon character gets hit in the head and goes all googly-eyed! Kendrick Lamar is an American Hip Hopster spinning in all the right circles. He has already worked with Godfather of Hip Hop, Dr. Dre so I'm down with some good taste. Word to ya mutha.

Old Pa's Corner :-  
Brian Wilson - Sail Away (2015)

Wow! A new album by one of the true greats Mr Brian Wilson. The new album out soon is called Piers Pressure (2015), and I can't wait to hear it.

I am sitting here in the UK looking out the window watching a couple of squirrels fighting over some nuts and I am listening to this with my cans on. I smile, I am feeling happy, I won't forget the moment. Music you have done it again.

The Four Owls - 'Silent Flight' (2014)

"I bumped into my friend the owl the other day and I told him that I had got engaged.....and he said "you twit twoo".Owls, apart from being the recipient of perhaps the best joke in the universe and fierce nocturnal hunters, it's also the name of UK Hip Hop supergroup, The Four Owls (Fliptrix, VerbT, BVA and Leaf Dog). A straight up 'head bobber', the track encapsulates all that is great about the genre, which is sometimes lacking and like Old Skool crews (The Pharcyde, Beasties and Wu-Tang for example), it's the witty lyricism and interplay with the various members of the group, each with their distinct voices that I love. 'Silent Flight', is taken from their 2nd album, Natural Order, out last month (Feb), get your...ehm...talons into it here. UK represent.

High Focus records...

Patrick Watson - Love Songs For Robots (2015)

Montreal's finest has recently released the title track to whet our appetite and I haven't been disappointed. With his 2012 album, Adventures in your own back yard,  still a part of my monthly musical diet, any news of a new album would always be taken with nervous excitement. It follows his familiar format of whispery vocals, piano-led music that can easily put the listener into a sleep-like trance (in a good way!).  Comparisons to Bon Iver with a bass line similar to Air (circa Moon Safari) are not far off the mark.

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Five tracks to spring head first into...

Shell Hunter:-
Blur - 'Go Out' (2015)

First of all, thank you to all who sent their best wishes for Ripley's arrival on Old Pa's Calexico post last week! Its been both the longest and shortest week ever. Living our lives in 3 hour bursts between feeds, not knowing what day it is or even caring, eating when we are hungry no matter if its 2am and feeling elation to frustration in half a second all come part and parcel with being a new parent. But we've reached our first milestone, a week! Our next big event is tomorrow where we will do the title of the latest single from Blur, Go Out. We are off to register her birth! Go Out is the first single to be released since 2003 and its like they have picked up where they dropped off. It couldn't be more Blur if it tried! The guys are older, wiser and it can only spell great things to come from new album The Magic Whip, due on April 27th. This is one happy Blur fan right here.

London Scouser:-
Muse - 'Psycho' (2015)

Shell Hunter was very much otherwise engaged as I wrote this a week ago, as she was in labour with our first child. In the background was our playlist of tracks to take her mind off of the pain from the contractions, I remembered that Muse has a track called 'New Born' so I searched for them on Spotify and was pleased to see they had a new track... It should probably come with a government warning, not to include on baby playlists, but regardless I bloody love it. Its got a trademark Muse riffage but sounds to me like the one that got away from Marilyn Manson. I can't wait for their new album based on this also!

Old Pa's Corner :-
Ryley Walker - Sweet Satisfaction (2015)

I have heard two tracks from the album Primrose Green (2015) the new album by Ryley Walker and I am really impressed. Some of the influences that he is being associated with is rather impressive, but I would say entirely justified. How about Van Morrison, Tim Buckley, Bert Jansch and Pentangle.

This really excellent stuff. I await with great anticipation for the complete album out at the end of the month.

Tobias Jesso Jr. - 'How Could You Babe' (2015)

Vancouver's Tobias Jesso Jr almost gave up music a few years back after a luckless spell in LA (the song, Hollywood takes an extra significance) and it's to everyone's benefit that he didn't. His debut album, Goon, was released earlier this month and contains a spectacular array of Lennon-esque songs on love and heartbreak. 'How Could You Girl', is my current weapon of choice to give my heart a kicking.

Laura Marling - False Hope (2015)

I am quite enjoying Laura Marling's heavier vibe, the track features on her new album, short movie, which is singers fifth album in seven years. She produced the album herself, which probably explains the change of direction. Like a hybrid of PJ Harvey meets Pearl Jam, the Hampshire born singer has now returned to England (after spending quite a bit of time in the US) and her new album is a clear reflection of that.

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Do you like Singer/Songwriters/Alt-Country/Americana or Indie-Folk, or do you have a unhealthy affection to the sadness, if so you may have a case of the Tuesday Blues!

Houndmouth - For No One (2014)

I often struggle with introductions, so I'll just deal with the facts. Houndmouth are a four piece from New Albany, Indiana and are the folks-roots equivalent of Mumford & Sons.  Rootsy, Bluesy, Americana-y, they have all the ingredients of becoming a crossover Kings of Leon /Mumford, yet their heart-on-the-sleeve lyrics may put people off.  Whatever your opinion taking acid, shrapnel, and other creative views, this is not a cover of The Beatles masterpiece,  and for once, I don't mind as the beard says it all.


GOLDEN EARRING - Wheels's On Fire (1997)

Three takes here of Wheels's On Fire. The first take is by Golden Earring and here is an interesting fact for you about these good lads. They have been around  since 1961 and have been active for more than 50 years non-stop, which makes them the world's longest surviving rock band. Beat that Mr Jagger!

This can be found on the album Naked II (1997)

Second is an excellent live take by Siouxsie and the Banshees, recorded on 12/09/88 at the Royal Albert Hall and can be found on thealbum,  Siouxsie and the Banshees At the BBC (2009)
SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES - Wheel's On Fire (1988) 

And finally a real shocker, Shocking Blue do a version on their Come back album called Comeback from 1988. Don't know what to think. A bit of a strange one, but you can dance to it. 'Nuff said.

SHOCKING BLUE - Wheel's On Fire (1988)
Fall in love, I'm never gonna fall in love


I am Over in the U.K. at the moment. Shellhunter has given me a daughter Ripley, she is a little belter!

I have always loved the voice of TJ since hearing It's not Unusual,  listenting to the top 20 'under the covers' on a Sunday Night on Radio Luxembourg in the early sixties. Here is Tom singing two great songs by two of my very favourites. Bob and Van.

As regards the Voice the TV programme. Less said. I know I Am, I'm not!.

TOM JONES - What good Am I 


CALEXICO - Love Will Tear Us Apart (2010)

Two much going on for my normal Posts. I was watching a Joy Division programme that Old Ma taped for me, She must love me 'cause she hates Joy Division. In the programme they mentioned Love Will Tear Us Apart covers and mentioned Calexico and I just had to Pause and well what you get now is the result.

How did I miss that ??

The Calexico studio track is from  Sweetheart: Our Favourite Artists Sing Their Favourite Love Songs (2010). 

The live version is taken from a live show on 10/05/2013 @ Santa Monica Pier. It is a shame the quality is not great as it is utterly fabulous.

CALEXICO - Not Even Steve Nicks/Love will Tear Us Apart (2013)

Three tracks to treat yo mamma to...

Jack Garratt - 'The Love You're Given' (2015)

This track has picked me up after a few weeks of melancholy,  London singer Jack Garratt's perfect blend of James Blake-meets-Damien Rice is the antidote for the blues.  Its like drinking a glass of vino on a sunny porch. Enjoy it, it reminds you that it is spring!

Old Pa's Corner :-
Kiddus I and the Home Grown band - 'Take a trip' (2015)


Here is a Reggae track from Old School veteran Kiddus I. And I kid you not this is rather good. I will just have to listen to his album as this is the only thing I have heard and I love it lots and lots and lots. It is time, It is time, Africa is Calling, Africa is Calling!

Sleaford Mods - 'A Little Ditty' (2014)

Not really new but I've been listening to quite a bit of the vitriolic, 'Punk-Rap', Nottingham duo since I caught their Chubbed Up Singles Collection album at the tail end of last year. Unabashed, foul mouthed social commentary on the state of modern Britain never sounded so good, like a cross between The Fall and The Streets. A Little Ditty is taken from Divide and Exit which was also released last year. As a special treat, check out 'Jobseeker' from their Singles Collection, hilariously vicious!

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