Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Gerry and The Pacemakers - You'll Never Walk Alone/Primal Scream - Full Strength Fortified Dub!



GERRY AND THE PACEMAKERS - You'll Never Walk Alone

It was a cold spring night I was excited to be going to Ibrox, the home of Glasgow Rangers. What excited me even more was that I would be able to see Big Jim Baxter, one of Scotland's greatest ever players. He had returned from down across the border.  The Prodigal son had returned.

Rangers were playing in the semi final of the then Cup winners Cup. Two very memorable things happened that night. Slim Jim scored a screamer, exactly what I had come to see.

The next thing was not quite so exciting. Mid way through the second half, I felt a very strange warm feeling down my right leg. It did not take me too long to realize that the guy behind me was pissing against my leg. The dirty bastard!. Now I am 6 foot tall but this guy was 8 foot tall and 5 foot wide. When I screamed  'what the fuck.....' he just glared and said ' see yooooo!'  I apologized and tried to move away.

The second story happened at the home of Celtic, Parkhead. I was there to support my team Aberdeen. They were level with Celtic at the top of the league and this was a very big game in deciding who would win the league.

There was a thin strip of red behind one of the goals which stood out amongst all the green of Celtic. I decided to join theses supporters with my friend. No goals until the 87th minute when Joey Harper rose to a cross and headed Aberdeen into the lead.

Pandemonium broke out, my friend was hit on the head with a full can of Tennents Lager. People appeared from nowhere with large poles and started to beat the Aberdeen supporters, including me. I vowed I would never go to another football match again if I managed to get out alive.

Well that was until managed to get tickets for Scotland verses England a few weeks later at the spiritual home of Scottish football, Hampton Park.

It was amazing, would you believe 137,000 people were packed into the ground like sardines..The big chant was 'Bobby Moore's a poof, Bobby Moore's a poof.'  He was currently on TV advertising some hair product.  Sassenach  Ponce.

It was frighting. The crowd swayed and at times you were lifted up and carried. No health and safety in these days. Most of England's world Cup winners were there as well as some Scotland greats. In particular the great Wee Jimmy Johnston, a magician if ever there was one.  Result, well it was a rather boring nil nil draw. But we were robbed we should have got a penalty.

I remember on the way out being carried for more than 20 meters and my feet did not touch the ground. There was also a higher tier and on the way out hundreds of men just pissed over it and there was a river of piss. Seems to be like like some male Glasgow thing to piss on people at football matches. .
PRIMAL SCREAM - Full Strength Fortified Dub

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Ryan Adams - How Much Light


Do you like Singer/Songwriters/Alt-Country/Americana or Indie-Folk, or do you have a unhealthy affection to the sadness, if so you may have a case of the Tuesday Blues!

Ryan Adams - How Much Light (2015)
No beards, but a great track from the master. How Much Light features on the 7" single I do not feel like being good and a live version appears on the excellent Live At Carnegie Hall.  It is almost a carbon copy of Winding Wheel - is that a problem? No chance.

On the 6th May, Ryan is releasing a Deluxe version of the landmark Heartbreaker. The extensive reissue will include four 180 gram LPs — the original remastered album as well as demos and unreleased outtakes from the album sessions.  I already have mine on order!

Sunday, 24 April 2016

TRACKS OF THE WEEK 23/04/2016 - Jesse Mac Cormack, Teleman, Dreadsquad, Lush


Lush - 'Out of Control'

Since I've been feeling nostalgic of late, it would be rude for me not to post this absolute beauty of a track from 90's favs, Lush. The original 'shoegazers' are back with their first original material for almost 20 years and it's almost as if they've never been away. Having broken up back in 1998 following the unexpected death of their drummer, Chris Acland, they decided to reunite and record a new EP, Blind Spot, to coincide with a set of UK gigs. It's definitely great to hear Miki Berenyi's voice again, as lush as ever and a welcome return.

Jesse Mac Cormack - After The Glow (2016)

I have been desperate to share this. It is one of my #trackoftheyear contenders and has recently taken extra significance as it reminds me of Purple Rain-era Prince. The Montreal producer/multi-instrumentalist has blown me away and I cannot get enough it.  

London Scouser:-
Teleman - 'Düsseldorf' (2016)

I was having my first relaxing Sunday morning in a while this week and decided to put on 'Sunday Brunch'. This track was one of the songs they use either side of the ad break. It was an instant hitter for me, with the 80's keyboard and vocals. I googled them thinking they might be a German band, but no, they're a London band who mostly used to be members of 'Pete And The Pirates' and who were biggish for about 4 minutes a few years back. Those in the know will be aware that 'Kraftwerk' hail from this certain German city.

Old Pa :-
Dreadsquad and Blackout JA - Innocent Persuasion


Here is a great track from their Album World Destruction released this year. However this track appears to be a few years old. But who cares it touches the spots. The first track on the album is a cover of Edwyn Collin's 'A Girl Like You' and is worth to search out and hear. If you like this and want to find out more about Dreadsquad and Blackout JA just give it a click.

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Saturday, 23 April 2016

RIP - Prince

RIP PRINCE 1958-2016

"Sometimes It Snows In April"

London Scouser:-

Like a lot of people Prince first came to my attention when I saw 'When Doves Cry' on Top Of The Pops. At first (bear in mind I was 12 years old) I didn't get him, but pretty soon after I was a fan. From the 'Purple Rain' album onwards he changed his direction like the weather. In no particular order I am going to list my favourite tracks from his subsequent albums.
I bought all of these albums and over time with the advent of mp3 and now Spotify I don't have any CD's in my possession... As a result I can't listen to these tracks, my greatest hits album that will never be...
Around the World in a Day - Paisley Park
Parade - Girls & Boys
Sign o' the Times - Starfish & Coffee
Lovesexy - Alphabet St.
Batman - Batdance
Graffiti Bridge - Thieves In The Temple
Diamonds & Pearls - Gett Off
Prince logo.svg - 7
Come - Come
The Black Album - When 2 R in Love
The Gold Experience - Gold
Chaos & Disorder - Dinner With Delores

And that's about when I lost interest in him...
Along the way, I was a huge fan of Wendy & Lisa, Vanity 6 and the numerous songs he wrote that other artists made famous, Manic Monday & Nothing Compares To You to name but a few...

I guess he has his revenge, as I can't find a version of these songs to play so I'll offer up a cover that I've just discovered... Personally I think it's awesome...


It's funny, I never realised how much of a big Prince fan I was until April 21st 2016. I mean although I had my favourite bands and artists, Prince was always there (comforting in a way), growing up throughout the early 80's, through the 90's and up to now, he's had a massive impact on my musical landscape. Not a lot of artists have that sort of impact and it was something I found out, misty eyed, as the tributes came pouring in over the radio, that I will no longer have the privilege to see him in concert or hear the diminutive genius deliver his brand of sauce again. His talent was simply staggering, musically and lyrically, if only for the line 'all the flowers that you planted, in the backyard, all died when you went away'. For each of Prince's era and guises, I could recount some very fond memories attached to some incredible pieces of music, enough to write a blog about it. From lying on an exotic beach in 86' listening to my first album, Sign 'O the Times, to cruising in a ragtop with my mother in the south of France, Sexy MF blaring from the car speakers, wholly inappropriate thinking about it but it was France and you can get away with that sort of thing. My first Prince memory from my school days, it was assembly and some of the students were performing different songs each with varying levels of incoherence but it wasn't until the quiet girl from my class nobody knew much about came on stage, flouting school rules she sported a purple beret and began to sing 'Raspberry Beret'. I fell love. In true Prince innuendo, there will always be a piece of me that will be forever purple.


I am stunned. I am gutted. I was eating dinner on Thursday evening when I got a message that said "Bloody hell. Prince now."

I have been trying to explain to my wife why his death means so much to me.  James Brown-Jimi Hendrix in one?

I was a fan from 84-92 and my older sister would play the "Purple Rain" cassette on repeat. I soon became a convert. I thought he was weird. I thought there was something pervy about him. But boy he could be play guitar! 

I preferred his rock/pop/acoustic songs. Just listen to his Very best of album and the quality of his material will punch you in the head like a sparring session with Ali. 

"Purple Rain", "Let's go Crazy", "1999", are the obvious ones but my favourite song is probably "Sometimes it snows in April" from the Parade album. It is a dark song about the death of a friend and is devastatingly good. Sign O' the times album is a must have. I could go on.

To finish I need you to watch this video of Prince showing off at the George Harrison memorial concert. Look at Dhanni Harrison's face! Stunning .

RIP, your majesty 

'U turn on the Telly and every other story is telling U somebody died... '

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

TRACKS OF THE WEEK 10/04/2016 - Primal Scream, Port St. Willow, BlackBooks, Mass Gothic


Old Pa :-
 Primal Scream - (I feel like) Demon Again (2016)

He is a nice track from Primal Scream's new album Chaosmosis (2016). I thought Screamadelica was one of the best albums of the nineties but they never really followed it up. Saying that, this is very nice in a pleasant sort of way. I'm off to get loaded.

Mass Gothic - Pier Pressure (2016)

Circumstances have made me a little morose of late. A lack of time on the blog is one of the minor reasons and as a result this brilliant track has been gathering dust in my favourite tracks to post box. As well as mirroring my mood, it has made me feel incredibly nostalgic with it's 80's feel taking me back to a simpler time when the only thing to get stressed about was the next release from Stock, Aitken and Waterman. Mass Gothic is a Manhattan based band which Legendary record label Sub Pop snapped up in 2015, Pier Pressure is taken from their self titled debut album, out Feb 2016.

Port St. Willow - Ordinary Pleasure

Here is a great track from Port St. Willow, which is the work of one individual songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist Nick Principe. 'Ordinary Pleasure' is not very ordinary, and somehow he has managed to create a vision of the city at night - with it's moody falsetto vocals, jazzy chords gentle drum brushes and a Saxophone and French Horn "solo" that seems to go all Mile Davis. It reminds me of something and I cannot seem to put my finger on it. (Why am I thinking of Sade?) Anyway, give this a listen late at night with your favourite tipple, scotch/wine/ovaltine, and you might get teleported to the big city which for someone who lives in the sticks is a nice treat.

London Scouser:-
Black Books -'Automatic' (2016)

Black Books were my band of the year in 2013 culminating in seeing them up close and personal at The Barfly in Camden. I even got to chat (drunkenly) to the lead singer afterwards... I just wish I could remember what I said !!! They were the band that started my obsession with Austin, Texas.
I've been patiently waiting for something new and was pleasantly surprised when I saw this week that they have a new track out. It starts out with a dreamy intro going into Ross Gilfallan's vocals and instantly it's like they've never been away. I can't wait for the release of their sophomore album

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Emily Harvey/ Kitty Kallen - Little Things Mean a Lot

Wednesday Club



EMILY HARVEY - Little Things Mean a Lot 
There are some songs you hear and you just wish you had written them. This is one of these, I just love it. Here is my attempt at a cute love song. I did not know I had it in me and I got rain in the title. All very bad for my image of course.

When you ever get bad thoughts
I will tell them go and shoo!
I don't have time for lots friends
I don't even need a few
I'm only happy with my one girl
I don't want anybody new

I don't care if the sun don't shine
it doesn't matter if it rains
as long as I'm with you

I don't like when you are scared
I wouldn't even tell you boo!
when I'm  alone and  by myself
a ship without its crew
I 'm here to give you all my love
it's something that your due

I don't care if the sun don't shine
it doesn't matter if it rains
as long as I'm with you

When you're standing next to me
my heart can't help but coo!
when I see that  smile of yours
there is no better view
if you ask me what it's all about
I reply that you're the clue

I will do without another whiskey
don't  need any other brew
I will never tell you any lies
nothing that's untrue
and when I see that you are sad
I will tell a joke or two

 I don't care if the sun don't shine
it doesn't matter if it rains
as long as I'm with you

I will be with you until end of time
together we're stuck like glue!
I  live my life with you together
I will see it through
If you ask that same old question
I reply 'I love you too!'

I don't care if the sun don't shine
it doesn't matter if it rains
as long as I'm with you

By Old Pa


KITTY KALLEN - Little Things Mean a Lot

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Alexi Murdoch - Some Day Soon


Do you like Singer/Songwriters/Alt-Country/Americana or Indie-Folk, or do you have a unhealthy affection to the sadness, if so you may have a case of the Tuesday Blues!

Alexi Murdoch - Some Day Soon (2011)

"Daddy, this is go-to sleep music", is the phrase from my 4 year old when I play this song. If only she listened to the lyrics! Alexi Murdoch is a Scottish singer/songwriter who has released a number of critically acclaimed albums, Time Without Consequence (2006) and The soundtrack of the 2009 film Away We Go.

Some day soon, features on his 2011 release, Towards the  Sun and is a poignant song about the loss of a parent and has all the qualities of a Nick Drake masterpiece.  I highly recommend that you give them a spin!

by SFW

I love my father and I love him well

I hope to see him someday soon
I love my father and I love him well
I hope to see him someday soon

Cause where I live, it gets dark at night
The kind of dark eats up the light
Yeah where I live, it gets dark at night
The kind of dark eats up the light
And you know that, mother, I'd be lying
If I didn't tell you I'm afraid of night

And as I dream I'm falling down
The world moves without a sound
I'm lost as sure as I was found
The sun comes up without a sound

So I up and face another day
And I hope that kindness comes your way
Yeah I'll up and face another day
And I hope that kindness comes your way
This for you I pray
I pray for you today

And in the morning I'll be gone
Wherefore and to cannot be told
Yes in the morning I'll be gone
Wherefore and to cannot be told
A mind filled with memories
Weigh me down like gold

I love my father and I love him well
I hope to see him someday soon
I love my father and I love him well
I hope to see him someday soon

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Lighthouse Family - Ocean Drive/Lifted


Miss Tallahassee



There I was on my way back from Bogota for a short stay in Miami. I was going to assist with some training there. That of course is just incidental.

I was staying at an airport hotel and I asked the information desk if there was a bus going there. I boarded the bus and was taken a long route around the airport and eventually a long route around the airport car parks. It got to the stage that I was the only person left on the bus. I asked the driver when will we be going to the hotel.

 'Hotel, sorry mate this is the staff bus and I have a wait here for another 30 min.'

Welcome to Miami.

I got to the hotel eventually and was surprised or shall i say even pleased to see many young gorgeous girls milling around. I found out it was the annual Miss USA under 18 finals. Things were looking up. It got even better when I got in the lift and was squeezed tight by several sweet giggling young things.

I was in love with Miss Tallahassee, Miss Palm Springs and head over heels for Miss Kentucky.

I arranged a bus trip to visit all the sights of Miami and when I was picked up by the bus I was the only person on the tour. The driver was a very interesting guy. He was a fully trained Surgeon and had escaped from Cuba. He was doing this job as a tour guide to become proficient in English so he could get a job as a Surgeon in the States.

It was a pretty impressive tour especially the area called Coral Gables. It is a city within a city and is a vibrant arts community. It is home to beautiful international neighborhoods, historic Mediterranean architecture, a unique Venetian Pool, spectacularly shaded avenues, and dozens upon dozens of one-of- a-kind restaurants, boutiques, and hidden treasures. Definitely a place to visit if you ever go to Miami.

I also went to the Miami Rock Cafe and would you believe I still have the T- Shirt. I won't promise it still fits.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Jesse Daniel Smith - You Are Made of Stars


Do you like Singer/Songwriters/Alt-Country/Americana or Indie-Folk, or do you have a unhealthy affection to the sadness, if so you may have a case of the Tuesday Blues!

Jesse Daniel Smith - You Are Made of Stars (2016)

Jesse Daniel Smith (or as he was previously known "I Am The Sky") is a filmmaker, musician and singer/songwriter from Montreal, Quebec.  I found this on a random playlist and cannot get enough of it. He is a fine example of a musician who 'just gets on with it' and if you check him out on Spotify/Soundcloud you'll find two recent releases, Pretty Breakup Songs and the rather excellent, albeit ironically titled, The World Doesn't Need Another Record from which 'You Are Made of Stars' features. It's a fine track and pretty much correct - we are all made of the stars!  Check out his facebook, soundcloud or website for more details.

by SFW

Saturday, 2 April 2016

3- 11 Porter - Surround Me With Your Love

Saturday Night Jukebox................
Everyone has a guilty pleasure

3- 11 Porter - 'Surround Me With Your Love (Mental Overdrive Remix)' (2003)

So what do you do when you've got a bit of down time but your new handful of colleagues are busy? Go to the Holiday Inn Express bar of course. I don't normally like to drink on my own but these last few weeks, its been like a place of familiarity and solace in an otherwise unknown and slightly chaotic world. It is far from cheap but they do have a happy hour running from 1800-2130 where you can get 25% off. Even this brings a bottle of wine to the painful price of £24. Believe me its better than by the glass! What I like about it though is the staff are non judgemental and friendly. I usually get a "welcome back!" or "a bottle is cheaper". They already know what I'm like!

You meet your fair share of characters in here too. On my first night alone, I was minding my own business tapping away on my laptop when I saw a guy do a double take whilst looking at me and stagger my way. I carried on but he came right up to me, all in my personal space and slurred "did we meet last night"? Here we go I thought, but I politely told him we'd never met and kept my eyes on the laptop. He went back to the bar and after a while the noise levels began to rise with someone else he had latched onto. About an hour later he came back from the loo, did a double take again and came over, this time sitting next to me. He leaned in and said "so what happened last night?" Again I told him we had never met but this time I said it in a "piss off mate" tone! It worked but really made me chuckle, what on earth did happen last night and with whom!?

On a couple other occasions I met some really interesting a people. It was getting on to the end of the night so I was a bit tipsy and as usual quite happy keeping myself to myself on my phone. Sitting at the bar is something I stay away from but here, the bar staff keep me company and are quick on the refills. I am always aware of who is down from me at the bar and eavesdrop on the conversations for my own amusement. There was a jordy guy who was an oil rigger back from Kuwait who was just given a new job here in Dubai. He'd started off from a small rig in the North Sea or somewhere with 12 guys to a whole man made Island with 6000! His wife was not interested in moving over to Dubai with the kids which was a shame for him. Whilst explaining to him why I was here, a guy on the other side of me piped up as he heard I was headhunted for a job at the airport. He explained he was a French Canadian who headhunted for pilots to work in China. He travels the world and meets all sorts of random people in bars whilst having his cognac after a hard day at work. Sadly I had work in the morning so I had to make a sharp exit.

The last guy I thought was a cool character was an Egyptian army retiree who had been frequenting the bar for over 3 years according to the staff. He was a bit eccentric with very expressive hands and full of stories like when he used to live in Paris and how he literally picked up a lady from the Champs Elysee's just by asking nicely. It was about 50 years ago though so maybe he was a bit of a looker then? He bought me a drink despite me already having one and he said it was because I took the time to talk to him. Nice bloke I thought!

Well the down side to this place is the music, they only have about 3 cds on a loop. One is Bob Marley which is more than acceptable, the other 2 are very obscure and repetitive remix albums probably trying their best to be from the next Cafe Del Mar. However, there is one song that I made the effort to Shazam. It really is a good song from a band called 3- 11 Porter, a Nordic electronica 3 piece who I will probably never hear from again. This track, particularly this remix, made it onto Hotel Costes Vol 6 and proved such a hit they put it on the Best of and Box set. A worthy backdrop to any bar in my book, even if it is just a Holiday Inn at Dubai Airport.

By Shell Hunter

Catch up with more tracks from my Saturday Night Jukebox posts here or playlist below, full of Guilty Pleasures, everyone's got one!

Thursday, 31 March 2016

Leonard Cohen - Sisters of Mercy

Wednesday Club

Old Pa's Poetry Corner



LEONARD COHEN - Sisters of Mercy (1967) 

The law is a funny old thing. One day you make love to her and you go to prison, the next day she is 16 and you can get married in a church with the blessing of God.


Lacie was my sister's friend
and used to live next door
she move away some time ago
was a few years ago or more
here to stay for the summer
before going back to school
Lacie certainly she had grown
and had turned into a jewel

Her laughter brought joy to the day
at night she was the brightest star
we played together
and fooled around
but I never let it get too far

Lacie she was tall and slim
hair it was black and long
with skin of alabaster white
her eyes had seen no wrong
with breasts small and pert
her smile it lit up any room
lacie like a flower in spring
she was ready for to bloom

Lacie she was wild and free
and she knew how to flirt
she made her intentions clear
and wore the shortest skirt
sitting on my knee at night
looking  young and demure
it's almost nigh impossible
to resist her tempting lure

Lacie is going back so soon
for me it is summers end
i will be left with memories
and will always have a friend
to see the light on her face
and all of her cheeky banter
Lacie's stay will linger long
her smile and her laughter

Her last day brought pain to the day
at night my heart had began to sag
she slept outside
in my sister's tent
I shared her sleeping bag

By Old Pa

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Keenan O'Meara - Mania


Do you like Singer/Songwriters/Alt-Country/Americana or Indie-Folk, or do you have a unhealthy affection to the sadness, if so you may have a case of the Tuesday Blues!

Keenan O'Meara - "Mania" (2015)

Oh I do like a new "discovery". This gem is by Brooklyn-based Keenan O'Meara and features on his 2015 EP, Awful Creature which was (partly) recorded at the legendary Electric Lady Studios in New York.  He performed vocals on Lianne La Havas "Wonderful" and has toured with her in the US and Canada.  I think it is pretty damn good.

by SFW

Friday, 25 March 2016

R.E.M - The One I Love

Musical Medicine...for when you can't share those special times

R.E.M - 'The One I Love' (1987)

Moving to another country is a daunting thing. I've come to Dubai with the promise of a better and more exciting life, one where you can play harder than you work. I know the hardest part will be the beginning as you are literally starting from scratch. Learning the way it works in a foreign land and this time I'm on my own with having to sort out all the basics: where to live, transport, new job plus trying to make a few contacts that will help you through the way. I've discovered it has it's highs and lows especially in the first few weeks. Highs are seeing new things, meeting new people and thinking about how it could be if it works out. The lows are being away from your family, the shocking realisation that it isn't a holiday and you can't just "go home" when you've had enough. I'm out here, expected to make a life for my family whilst trying to prove to myself that I can do it alone whilst maybe enjoying it if possible. I've been here in Dubai 20 days already which seems to have zoomed by. It really was a honeymoon period at first, but the realisation has kicked in. I'm here for the long haul. 

I was having a jovial drink with my new colleagues in a local home like place called The Irish Village when a live acoustic musician performing covers made me feel really homesick for the first time. The lyrics of REM's The One I Love hit the nail on the head for me. I'm doing this for the ones I love and left behind. The going out and meeting people is the prop to occupy my time and mind so I don't miss them so much. It's through the pics and vids I get sent and in the wee small hours when I wake up in a hotel room alone that hurts the most. I know that I'm strong enough to get through the lows and I can't wait to celebrate getting over the hard part to say that these will be the best years of my life. 

Fire (she's coming down on her own, now)

By Shell Hunter

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

RIP - Phife Dawg

RIP - Phife Dawg

A Tribe Called Quest - 'Oh My God' (1993)

Malik Isaac Taylor (aka Phife Dawg) November 20, 1970 – March 22, 2016

Without doubt, A Tribe Called Quest are one of my all time favourite groups. Their beats, witty rhymes and pioneering jazz style made them so fun, unique and infectious. Guaranteed to get my head bobbing every time. But it was the chemistry and world interplay between Phife and Q-Tip that made them standout over their peers. He was the perfect foil to Q-Tip, their styles contrasting due to his distinct vocal delivery, Hip Hop's veritable Lennon and McCartney.

On the single, 'Oh My God' taken from their third album, Midnight Marauders, he referred himself as the funky diabetic, being diagnosed with type 2 back in 1990. He battled the illness throughout and had a kidney transplant from his wife in 2008 but still struggled with the affliction. He died in the early hours of Wednesday, March me and amongst many in the Hip Hop community, he will always be 'on point'. RIP Phife Dawg

By Flycasual

Cream - We're Going Wrong



CREAM - We're Going Wrong



Countries all torn
A Middle eastern threat
little babies born
to mothers on run
in need of shelter
desperate for food
please give them help
and  stop this feud

What have I got to be unhappy about
when I can walk to the sea front
watch the tide coming in
see the waves as they race
touch the rain falling down
feel the wind on my face

Ebola virus disease
an all Africa time bomb
Countries on knees
villages wiped out
desperate suffering
too much to endure
search  for a vaccine
give them a cure

Cancer it's creeping
it's an all world crisis
people weakening
sentence of death
chemicals or drugs
oncologist's mission
all hoping for time
or any remission

Mosquito Virus Zica
The all American's hell
a mothers' stigma
babies are born
heads all shrunk
brains misshapen
with not any cure
a future is taken

human traffic  hell
is big business today
many girls to sell
there to be used
is it the trafficker
who is to blame
or is it the punter
his lustful  shame

What have I got to be unhappy about
when I can walk to the sea front
watch the tide coming in
see the waves as they race
touch the rain falling down
feel the wind on my face