FIRST AID KIT - One More Cup of Coffee
Before we put away all our Posts about the Latitude Festival I will have to include the only Dylan Cover I actually heard from all the artist I experienced over the three days. It is a pretty good rendition from the fabulous First Aid Kit of One More Cup of Coffee. There are a few version up on You Tube by the group and I have included two takes for your edification.
If anybody out there heard any more Dylan Covers at Latitude 2014 kindly let me know.
FIRST AID KIT - One More Cup of Coffee
The Tune Doctor Boys taken by Shellhunter

Going last with the Best of choices is a bit difficult as all my favourites have already been mentioned. I have to agree with SFW that Hiss Golden Messenger was my highlight. It was a small stage and the setting was brilliant. They just blew me away. If this is how the week end was going to be like, then I had died and gone to heaven.

Another real highlight was Shellhunters choice of William Oneyebor and the all star band. It was brilliant. The song Atomic Bomb I heard several times on the way to the concert and it stuck in my head the whole time. Definitely my song of the whole weekend.

The Bard had a brilliant outing which I did not expect. He was genuinely enjoying himself and the vibe shone through. Tiniwaren were just great too. The Editors surprised me. I loved their set. Jungle were sensational and are going to be massive. Damien Jurado gave a strange low key set, he had just arrive from Heathrow and had to borrow a guitar and was returning for a flight back to the US after his short 40 min set. Interesting guy 'tho. There were so many highlight. I even enjoyed the thunder and lightning and heavy rain in a perverse sort of way. This would probably be my one and only Festival and I wanted the full experience and got it. Would I go again? well never say never! . A Camper Van would be the answer.

I have chosen 3 acts that were very memorable for different reasons. First up is Natty Bo and the Top Cats. I never heard of them before and it really was an after thought to go and see then in a very small venue. Natty Bo was a star and full of Charisma. Just to here the brass and all the Ska classics was a real buzz. Their version of Rudy brought the house down. An unexpected treat..
My next selection is by a group called Goat from Sweden. Wow what energy and what weird! You never saw any of their faces. I was next to the speakers and it was so loud I must have bled inside. But it proved I was alive and this is what I wanted. I wanted to hear live music. I loved it. They were all Afro/Latin  beats and screaming guitars. Not a great quality video but you will get the idea!
My final choice is Parquet Courts from Brooklyn. They were the last group I actually saw. I was shattered after 4 days. Very little sleep, I am definitely getting to old for this lark. I was very close to them and oh! boy they had attitude and I loved it. One had a bottle of Red wine (ribena) which he 'slogged' every now and again. Another had a bottle of white wine (tizzer). They gave a very fast extremely loud set.  Near the end I was next to the speakers an actually nodded off for a split second. That is how shattered I was. So much walking and little sleep. All these fucking students yapping till almost the dawn. It was as if they were in you bedroom.
It was a great experience. There was so much going on and it was great people watching. I noticed that the 'young' girl fashion was short shorts. I have no problem with that, but you really need the 'ass' to pull it off. There were too many girls with big butts and should never have been wearing them and there were far too many perfect butted girls who were not wearing shorts (shame). I don't get it, they must see 'Little Mix' on TV wearing tiny shorts and they envisage themselves to look like that. Fat Asses!

Finally I only noted one Dylan Cover and that was by First Aid Kit. Hey with a name like that they could be paired with Tune Doctor.
My first festival since V in 2001, would I still enjoy my weekend... 
The tents, the toilets & the rain were all similar memories, shame that the price of a pint has gone up !!!

Obelisk Stage

I've chosen tracks by my favourite artists of each day, and decided to put a video of a live performance rather than a music video to try and give you a feel of my experience. Feel free to put on your wellies if you want the festival experience !!!

Billy Bragg - 'New England'

I loved this song when I was a kid, albeit the version released by the late Kirsty MacColl and it wasn't til a few years later I found out it was written by Billy Bragg. At that time I had read about him in Smash Hits and heard some of his stuff and wasn't impressed. Fast-forward almost 30 years and watching him own the main stage on the first day at Latitude 2014, I am happy to admit I was wrong. I missed his first song as I was buying a hat (the sun was beating down) but the rest of his set was really good and his banter with the audience was excellent. He finished with this song and when he said towards the end "this verse is for Kirsty" I had goosebumps all over and a lump in my throat. Thank you Mr Bragg for a great start to my weekend.

Bombay Bicycle Club - 'Evening/Morning'

Saturday evening was difficult, do I watch something new to me like 'Ghostpoet' or 'Solomon Grey' (as recommended by Shellhunter) or should I go see the BBC who I've been a fan of since day dot. I bit the bullet and went to the main stage and wasn't disappointed. The London boys (I still can't believe they're only in their early 20's) were amazing. Hit after hit followed and it was difficult to choose a standout. I went for this track which was on their debut album and was their first single. It's also the track that got me to like them in the first place.

Kate Tempest - 'Icarus'

I first heard of Kate Tempest when her band 'Sound Of Rum' supported Scroobius Pip a few year ago at a gig in Hoxton and was mightily impressed. On the Thursday evening, before the festival had officially started there was a showing of one of the plays she has written (which I didn't get a chance to see). She has also won awards for her poetry and is in the process of writing a novel, a talented and very busy lady. When I saw that she was performing in a small venue, the Film & Theatre Arena I made it my mission to watch her again which meant I wouldn't get to see 'Parquet Courts' or even 'Chrissie Hynde' who was on the main stage. I'm happy with my choice as I had a great position to watch from. The room soon filled and it got pretty damned hot in there and to make matters worse, I felt myself dancing along more than I can ever remember doing for many a long year. She played tracks from her recent album 'Everybody Down' backed by a small band and the whole room was alive. Ironically though the song I have chosen is an old song that she played. Due to the drum machine temporarily packing in, she performed 'Icarus' as a piece of spoken word. I remembered it from that gig a few years back and maybe it had been that long since she had last performed it as towards the end she forgot a line. She apologised to the crowd but we didn't mind it was still a brilliant recital. Moments later, drum machine fixed, she continued with her set and the crowd continued with their sweat.

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I didn't find myself really but I did find myself surrounded by pseudo hippies in obligatory garb back from their two weeks in Goa, rich white kids doing the festival circuit on mummy and daddy's money kicking over bins and Essex women slumming it with their festival chic and expensive wellies! Not to mention a super cell storm in a leaking tent...Apart from that, a beautiful vibe and setting, incredible music and unforgettable memories with sterling company. Thanks TuneDr crew.... 

Uncomfortable viewing...

Jungle - 'Time' (2014)

This was my most anticipated gig, mid afternoon in the sweltering BBC6 music stage. I haven't felt hysterical about an act in quite sometime and with such a distinctive sound, Jungle are without doubt my favourite band of the year. So I'm near the front and slowly it gets more and more crowded as people pile in the venue, the heat rises and somewhat appropriately, it feels like...ehm a jungle. The seven piece do not disappoint despite feverish conditions as they play an energetic set, further cementing my admiration for them. I did get irked at the 'youts' throwing themselves about the mosh pit akin to 'sweaties' at a Cradle of Filth concert, a wholly inappropriate way to behave to 'White Soul' but that probably says more about my age than anything else. Talking of 'White Soul', I jokingly said to Sfw that Jungle were this generation's Curiosity Killed the Cat or Living in a Box or even Hue and Cry, but clearly that'll be doing them a complete disservice. However they did play right after Daryl Hall and John Oats....just saying!

Mosh Pit about to kick off!?

Young Fathers - 'I Heard' (2013)

Latitude Festival Dilemma, who do I see? Damon Albarn, one of my favourite ever artists with a rich history and a diverse array of music or up and coming rappers, Young Fathers, who have been compared to Massive Attack's early days? I'm a big fan and, like Jungle, Young Fathers are a band I've really been excited about. I take the plunge and head off to the atmospheric iArena, a stage set in the middle of the woods, to see Scotland's finest. A bit hit and miss to be honest but a performance as fierce as the surrounding rain storm (which, according to Shell hunter, scuppered Damon's encore somewhat by dispersing the crowd, despite having brought on Graham Coxon as a guest). When they're good they're magnificent, ending in soulful anguish with the brilliant 'I Heard'.

I'm not weeing in there!

The War On Drugs - 'Red Eyes' (2014) Live at Latitude Festival 2014

The line up was fantastic but with so many good bands to see you're never going to catch them all. We had just seen the brilliant Future Islands and were now making the trek back from the iArena to the main stage at the Obelisk Arena to see Tame Impala, probably a 15 minute walk. A distinct sound stops us in our tracks as we pass by the BBC6 Music stage, it's the War On Drugs' 'Red Eyes', one of my favourite songs of the year ever since Old Pa featured it on a TOTW back in March and it was a stunning performance. One of the aspects of Latitude I loved was that despite the inevitability of missing out on artists, you're always going to get to see something due to the positioning of the various stages.

The iArena....Ewoks and Speederbikes just out of shot!

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Brilliant sunshine and cold cider, pass me the festival bible. Who will make the cut?!

Add a cold cider to this, does it get better?!

deserved to be packed out

Solomon Grey - 'Firechild' (2013)

What do I do? See Bombay Bicycle Club which I probably owe to myself to see or take a chance on a band that has intrigued me recently. Well I decided to leave the group to see Solomon Grey in the tiny Alcove stage in the woods and I wasn't disappointed. Although the tent was a lot less busy than they deserved, they still pounded the stage and belted out their set like they were headlining the Obelisk stage. They started with Firechild which is my favourite song of theirs and that was it, I was glued to the spot!

William Onyeabor - 'Atomic Bomb' (2014)

Not only was this track of the weekend for me as we couldn't stop singing and humming it, but it'll be one of my top tracks of the year! This old wacky album from William Onyeabor from back in the day was performed by Alexis Taylor from Hot Chip, Pat Mahoney from LCD Soundsystem, Money Mark from the Beastie Boys and Scritti Politti to name but a few of this ever changing super group. It was the perfect setting- beautiful sunshine at the Obelisk stage and the whole group were chilled out lapping up the 'party groove'. Even Old Pa forgot about the toilets for 5 minutes!

"a cross between Henry Rollins Ian Curtis of Joy division"

Future Islands - 'Seasons Change (Waiting On You)' (2014)

I've been championing these guys for a few years now and they were up there on my definite list, despite clashing with War On Drugs which was a shame. Front man Samuel T Herring is a mighty intense guy and he can probably lift triple his body weight in anvils with one hand he is so fit. Thanks to The Swede for giving me the heads up about this performance on Letterman, you can see a very tame version of his stage style. Whether you like it or you find it a little scary, you can't deny its full of emotion and mesmerising! When Seasons came on, the crowd went wild and sang along, obviously approving their newer stuff. A short but sweet set on my favourite stage, the iArena, that left me wanting more from them as usual!


London Scouser walking in line!

WARSAW - They Walked in Line

I was so looking forward to my first ever Festival at 65. After all it was on my 'Bucket List'. The day arrived, It took us about 8 hours to get there and not the 4 hours that we anticipated. But that was not really a big deal. We got the tents up and beds all blown up (eventually) and it was time for a beer or two. Well deserved after the hard work.

Time to check out the Loos. Oh boy! I don't really like this. Rows of toilets. Gap at the top and bottom of the steel doors. No seat and sometimes the locks in the doors did not work. Having a slash was not really a problem,  but I was dreading that 'poo moment'.  I have never been a great 'away from home shitter' at the best of times. I am usually pretty regular, so it was going to happen. I had to accept this fact. Oh! and there was always that slight smell of disinfectant, mixed with piss and shit. I still get that smell occasionally to this day.

I had my own little room in a large tent shared with Shellhunter and London Scouser. The trouble is Old Farts like me get up 2 to 3 times during the night and and there were going to be inevitable 'Piss times' and there was no hiding place. 

I had to get up, open the tent, then walk about 100 metres, dodging tents and guy ropes to get to the loos. I hated it.

I went again at 05:30 and got 'stage fright'. No 'number twos' made an appearance. It was pretty depressing.

I came back to the tent and a large bottle of water had spilled, I had left the top loose. My little room was swimming. I felt like screaming and I had to clean it up before trying to get some sleep.

I could not get back to sleep and just got up and shared some time with SFW.  He felt exactly like me.  'What the hell am I doing here?' I like my comfort. I like my own toilet with my Take a Break to read and this is only day 1.

We found later that you could pay a sum of money for 'nice' toilets and this would enhance the 'hole' experience. 

I was determined to deal with this. It was my personal challenge. Deal with it Old Pa! Deal with it!

Nature screamed again a day and a half later, this was a serious calling. I rushed to the toilets at the main stage Arena and was delighted when I went in to a enclosed type toilet and it was amazingly clean.

A constipated explosion! I did it! I did it! It happened, I had the biggest smile on my face. Thank God for  ass wipes and baby wipes etc etc. I had a nice clean and perfumed botty too! I had beaten the toilets. I had arrived, I had passed the Festival Initiation test.  Hit me with anything, I could handle anything now. Bring it on.

On a bum note:
On the Saturday night just before the Damon Albarn finale there was thunder and lightning and pouring rain. We all  'Walked in Line'  back to our tents, a 15 min walk.

'One last 'pee' before going back to the tent'  I said to myself. I had my wallet in my Rain Jacket so it would not get wet. I bent over to 'pee' and plonk! my wallet fell down the pan into the murky sludge that was masses of poo and pee and chemicals all mixed together and gurgling. Gone were my Charge Card and near £100 pounds. Would you have put your arm down there? Fuck that! You know you get these stories about guys during the war hiding in the latrines to escape. It make you vomit just thinking about it. Well done guys!

I know you don't want to hear it, but I bought one of those bottles with a wide opening and screw lid.  Well what would you do?      

Next week I will tell you about the good side of the Festival. It was not all bad. Believe me. There was the music.  

After sleepless nights, baby wipe showers and festival toilets, 
there was also some great music on show!!

You cannot see the sweat!

Hiss Golden Messenger - Saturday Song (2014)

What a way to start the festival! First up for me was Hiss Golden Messenger who is North Carolina based songwriter M.C. Taylor.  70s Country Rock meets JJ Cale matched our early excitement and got us tapping our feet, slurping our beer and blew us all away. Saturday Song features on their new album "Lateness of Dancers", out September 9, 2014.  Give it a few listens - it gets better and better! 

Glass Animals - Gooey (2014)

Tune Doctor Favourites Glass Animals appeared in Keith Allen's Establishment Club which was packed for the Oxford indie-poppers performance.  The lads faultlessly performed tracks from their debut album Zaba, which was released in June.  Slow beats, soulful vocals from them and a mix of mojito's (and yet more heat) had us bouncing!   

The Editors - A Ton of Love (2013)
The Editors performance on Friday night restored my faith in a band that I've sadly neglected.  Why they weren't headlining still baffled me - Two Door Cinema Club cancelled and they ended up getting Lily Allen!  A hit-filled set reminded us all how great this band are.  My faith has been restored!



THE BLACK CROWES - Tonight I'll be Staying here with You (2013)

The Black Crowes have covered Dylan on many occasions and here are two selections. The first is from The album Wiser For The Time (2013) and the other selection is from an album of Live Covers (2005-2006) which contains no less than 5 Dylan Covers and is SBD quality and is quite easy to find if you are determined.
THE BLACK CROWES - Tough Mama (2005/06)



This is another story in my series of 'Interesting flights' I have made. I have taken many flights over the past 40 years or so. Most have been forgettable but a few stick in the memory.

A Welsh Legend

DARTS - The Boy From New York City (1978)

I was visiting Inverness from London Heathrow it was a Saturday night in the late seventies about 17:00 hours and we were tearing down the runway in the pouring rain. Suddenly at almost the point of no return the breaks screeched and the Trident Aircraft swung from side to side and eventually came to a halt. There was a stunned silence. It happened so fast everybody was in complete shock. Boy that was scary.

The Captain had noticed something and decided it would be safer to get it checked. We were all taken back to the terminal, large whiskeys and large brandies all round was the order of the day.

The flight was cancelled and the passengers were booked for first thing the next morning. They all were going to be put up in a local hotel for the night. I did not bother as I lived not far away.

I noticed a figure whom I seemed to recognise who appeared to be in an agitated state. I moved closer and recognised the former Darts World Champion Leighton Rees. It appeared he was giving a exhibition in Inverness at the Station Hotel later that evening and of course now would not make it.

Old Pa to the rescue, I told him I would contact my brother in law who was the main man at Moray Firth Radio and get him to make an announcement that Mr Rees could not make it. It the meantime Leighton would phone the organisers.

I had a couple of pints with Leighton as he  reminisced some of his big victories. One thing I did think was odd was that his trousers were really short, probably about 3 inches above the shoes line. Maybe it was a Welsh fashion statement. But what do I know?

AD LIBS - The Boy From New York City (1965) (The original)
Guest Spot
Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac - The Green Manalishi (1970)

We recently received this great Guest Spot from Steve Clark....

Growing up and going to school in the Richmond Borough in the  70's/80's, McDonalds had opened in Twickenham, and a story/myth started about the homeless man that would sit around in doorways near and outside the newly opened fast food chain! Allegedly the bearded, long nailed rather dirty and smelly man was the famous Peter Green from Fleetwood Mac who had lost his sanity, wanted to give away his millions in royalties to charities, having written such classics as "Black Magic Woman" "Albatross" "Green Manalishi" "Oh Well" and many others!! The rumours spread that if you befriended this man, gave him money bought him food that one day should he regain his sanity he would repay your kindness by sharing his wealth with you??? Turns out it wasn't actually Peter Green (surprise surprise) and the rumour was probably started by the homeless guy himself, probably gave him a good source of money, food, clothes etc!! Fair play to the guy, it made me go out and buy a Peter Green Fleetwood Mac record and started a love of British and classic Blues, and after going to see him with his Splinter Group and The John Mayall's Bluesbreakers at the Royal Albert Hall, can understand why he his regarded as one of the best ever Blues Guitarists this country has ever produced.... All thanks to the Twickenham McDondalds Homeless man...

Do you have a musical memory? Send use the Submit a Guest Spot and we'll feature it!

Sean O'Neill - Vienna (2014)

I featured the breathtaking Vienna by Sean O'Neill a few months back and it's great to see that the video has finally arrived.  It was created by footage shot by Jonathan Sterkenburg which really matches the mood of the track....although it's so hot right now that I could easily roll around in the snow.

Thanks to a good friend giving me a Guest Ticket for the whole weekend of Latitude Festival, I had the privilege of seeing one of the best line ups this year (or any year for that matter)! In my 3 part Latitude Front Row Centre Special, I will talk you through my top highlights over the three days of the Festival!

Latitude Festival Henham Park, Southwold, Suffolk on July 19th 2013

On Friday the weather was superb, it was a day for exploring the site but more importantly to start the festival off right! Maybe because it was the first day or maybe because the line up was excellent but it was the best day for me. I watched about 10 hours of constant music and although I'd like to talk about them all I have whittled it down to my fave 3 of the day. The beauty of a festival is the complete chilled out nature, there is room for everyone so therefore no need for me to squeeze though the crowds on my tip toes to try and see whats going on. Here, you pull up a piece of grass and lounge around sipping a cold cider soaking up the atmosphere, whilst seeing your chosen band or artist on huge screens with no pressure to catch the last train home! I was also horrified from festival toilets in the past but at Latitude, I couldn't have asked for more! There was always loo roll, hand sanitisers and no nasty surprises when you open that portaloo door! I was also amazed at the food choice! No nasty burger vans here, it was all gourmet, fresh and locally sourced food. Fancy a hog roast with fries? How about fresh Loch Fyne mussels? Or what about a stone baked pizza hot from the oven or a falafel and haloumi ciabatta? You name it, they've got it here!

Willy Mason - 'Oxygen'

As it was so hot and sunny out, the nature of the music I fancied hearing was of the chilled out softer kind. After seeing Theme Park and James Skelly & The Intenders, I was looking forward to seeing Willy Mason. For each gig, I decided on the 3 songs I'd most like to hear and although he didn't play Restless Fugitive he played great versions of Pick Up Truck, We Can Be Strong and of course Oxygen which was the first song from Willy I had heard. Sadly because there are so many acts to get through, the sets are shorter but Willy still managed to put across his laid back and jolly nice self. I could honestly listen to his relaxed American drawl all day long!

I Am Kloot - 'Hold Back The Night'

The evening was slowly beginning to draw in and what better way to meet it, than by watching I Am Kloot. It was the perfect time of day to hear them and the songs about skies, the days and nights fitted with the serene ambiance nicely. I adore lead singer John Bramwell's warm voice and was happy they played my favourites of These Days Are Mine with a guitar played "Arabian bit" and Northern Skies. All in all they seemed like very nice chaps!

Calexico - 'Maybe on Monday'

My festival pal managed to convince me to head to the front of the BBC6 tent as a big chunk of the crowd seemed to have dispersed to get a spot for Bloc Party. I'm so glad I did. I got a perfect view of Joey Burns doing their soundcheck! I had a totally unobscured view and a nice barrier to lean on. Having seen Calexico many times before I knew they always put on a great show but being so close was such a new experience. Their energy was infectious, they got the crowd whooping and clapping along Corona and Alone Again Or. The real head turners were Maybe On Monday from recent album Algiers and their grand finale of Guero Canelo. They just kept going and went through each band member to give them a chance in the spotlight, to show off their skills. It was truly fabulous and I came out of there absolutely buzzing all over. If I had to choose, I'd say they were my favourite gig for the whole 3 days!

Come back over the next couple of weeks to read about my round up of choices for Day 2 & 3 or click here! Until then, have a listen to my Latitude Spotify Playlist!

Lionel Richie - 'All Night Long' (1983)

There are some songs that I loved growing up in the 80's and then I forget all about them until I hear them again. This track from Lionel is a glorious camp number with a suitably cringey video. It never fails to make me smile and sing a long, especially to the African bit!

About 8 years ago I worked in a massive cargo warehouse at Heathrow on the reception to begin with, then got promoted to Exports. I used to have to prepare the airway bills and choose what shipments were built on what pallets. I was still totally new to the environment and although I was a little intimidated by the loud, brusque and down right filthy warehouse guys, I had to be balshy and give back what innuendos and friendly banter I received.

Pass me my plantain, I feel a song coming on!
On one night shift, I ventured out into the warehouse to check some dangerous cargo and Radio Jackie or Heart FM was blasting All Night Long over the speakers. I couldn't see anyone around so carried on about my business, until some movement caught my eye. In the import freight area where the guys were breaking down pallets of tropical fruit and veg, I could see one of the younger warehouse guys prancing around with his shorts pulled right up his bum like little hot pants, miming into either an aubergine or plantain I forget what. All the other guys were laughing at this performance but he had his back to me, so I thought I would milk this opportunity! I creeped closer and then stood behind him waiting for him to notice. With the roar of laughter from his colleagues increasing, it didn't take long for him to work out not only that someone was watching, but it was a WOMAN! One nil to me I'm proud to say. Classic extreme embarrassment face mid dance!

World Music Corner

Batida, annoyed with his Rubix cube!

Batida - Tirei O Chapeu (2012)

I can't get enough of this at the moment, original and highly infectious, 'Tirei O Chapeu' is a stand out track from Portuguese/Angolan DJ, Batida's self titled and excellent debut album. After reading about it in Songlines magazine, I knew this album had my name all over it. Incorporating modern electro and dubstep, traditional Angolan Semba and Soukouss music samples from the 70's, throw in a few Angolan rappers for good measure and you get real heady concoction.

An Angolan/Portuguese colleague of mine listened to a few of Batida's songs earlier this week and his face lit up saying that if I listened to this I'd better be prepared to learn some of the dance moves involved, making little shuffles forward with his feet whilst simultaneously thrusting his crotch towards me. Unfortunately I'm not much of a dancer and I can't really see myself doing that anytime soon. Hang on a minute, I've a wedding to attend to soon, that might be a good look for me, especially in a kilt....predatory females, lookout!!

More World Music Corner??? Click here.....
Thursday I'm in Love..a chance to share some of my favourite cereal!

Where's my cornflakes?

Tori Amos - Cornflake Girl (1994)

Ah Tori Amos, nobody believes me but we shared a moment, she and I. I remember hearing the excellent 'Cornflake Girl' at a New Years eve party at Sfw's, standing in the nerve centre (the kitchen) discussing the virtues of her unique and rather saucy piano playing style. It cemented my love for piano, the video is case in point (even dirty rotter Conan O'Brien licks his lips), Phwoar!

Our brief encounter took place back in 95', I was a steward on board Eurostar, delivering service with a smile. I was standing on the platform, meeting and greeting our first class passengers in my Canary Yellow blazer, tiger print bow tie and Village People style hat (no joke). I knew that it was going to be a day like no other as I was confronted by none other than Tori Amos and her entourage of 3 friends on a day trip to Paris. Untapped passion simmered when our eyes briefly locked, as I went to help with her bags, the train whistled and steam covered the platform, we were ready to depart. As expected it was an uneventful trip, that was until I bumped into her at the end of the carriage prior to our arrival and she asked me if I was coming back to London that night. My heart skipped a beat, the piano playing songstress was going to ask me for a drink, I stammered that I was returning on the exact same train. "great" she said "could you look after my magazines? I don't want to haul them around Paris". Gutted but still hopeful that this was a Rock n' Roll euphemism for hooking up with mere mortals (maybe there was her phone number in one of the mags!!....there wasn't). I told her not to worry and obliged to look after an unfeasibly large collection of uninspiring home improvement magazines. On the turn-around in Paris I couldn't go for my usual stroll and pose around the Quartier Latin but instead had to sit/sleep on my prized collection of magazines like some sort mother hen and her eggs. Dreams of a Rock N' Roll romance were all but shattered when my knob of Supervisor said he didn't need me for the return and instead wanted me go on an earlier and busier train. My desperate protests fell on deaf ears when I told him I was looking after a superstar's magazines (albeit illegally). "Tori who? I don't care I want you on that train".

Tori Amos, never got her mags back and I never saw her again. I like to think that there's a song out there she wrote about that handsome but bastard of a steward who took off with a bunch of woman's interest magazines.

Tori??  Bloody hell is that you love?
I've sort of stopped following her after that brief liaison but later, on doing a bit of research for this post, I subsequently found out that she has released a 12th studio album last summer, called Night of the Hunters. I was also surprised that the natural beauty, rather disappointingly decided to go down the route of plastic surgery but despite this, it won't stop me giving the new album a listen, it may rekindle that magic we once had!

Click here to see the video for 'Carry', taken from the album. Official site here too, some interesting photos!

Where did that rabbit put them keys? Click here for more of my favourite tunes..they're rad!
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