Saturday Night Jukebox....
Everyone's got a guilty pleasure
My hair is nice....That's right!

Robbie Nevil - 'C'est La Vie' (1986)

Today, 23rd May 2015, will be 14 years since London Scouser and I started officially stepping out. After months of him begging me to go out with him and me saying no but still spending an awful lot of time with him (who was I trying to kid?), I gave in to his nerdish charm.

It was a lovely sunny day, LS suggested we take a drive to Runnymeade and talk a walk by the river. It was so picturesque and none of my previous boyfriends had ever taken me on a date, let alone a romantic one! I was softening....

We walked up to the Harvester restaurant there and whilst we were waiting to be served, I heard music playing from the bar. London Scouser had heard it too and we both started singing the words "C'est la vie, c'est la vie, that's just the way it goes...." It was from one of my favourite albums, Now 9!! We looked at each other and said the next line at the same time, he said "That's life!" and I said what I thought the words were, "That's right!" I always thought of myself as the lyric guru! Oops, I made a boo boo there, he was laughing his head off! I never really put two and two together to work out what it was, seems a bit obvious now, duh! Needless to say, I have never lived it down.

Knowing how well he knew Now 9 must have been the clincher because later that evening after I had dropped him off to play footy with Flycasual, we were speaking on MSN messenger. He tried his luck again probably thinking he had wangled it with such a lovely day, and this time I said yes. We have been together ever since and I know now there is no one better suited for me. Even nerds can get the girl!

Uh, can you pass me a cushion please?

Catch up with more tracks from my Saturday Night Jukebox posts here or playlist below, full of Guilty Pleasures, everyone's got one!

If you might think I’m odd

NICO - I'll Keep it with Mine (Live Version)(1982)

Here are two different versions of one of my favourite Dylan songs. The first from Nico is an almost scary take as she either seems pissed or drugged up,(maybe that is a disservice) but nevertheless it is worth hearing. It can be found on her live album Femme Fatale (1982)

The second version is pretty good by The Tallest Man on Earth,  spoiled by people laughing at inappropriate times and obviously not understanding the song. They feel as if they should laugh at the word odd. How very odd indeed. This was recorded at Lincoln Hall in Chicago, May 28, 2010.

THE TALLEST MAN ON EARTH - I'll Keep it with Mine


THE BURNING SPEAR - Throw Down Your Arms (1977)
Vera was my Mother in Law and she was French and did not speak English, my problem was (and still is) I have a mental block when it comes to foreign languages. Well that is not entirely true, I can order a beer in over 20 different languages.
Bengali Eka handoiya, doya koray!
Bulgarian Edna beerra, molya!
Catalan Una cervesa, si us plau!
Cheyenne Nok hee-sevo-tamah-peh, mas-eh-met-ah-no!
Chinese Ching gay woh ee bay pee joh!  
I particularly like the the Chinese one, you could get into a lot of trouble there if you were not careful.

Vera, like my Dad Norman, did not seem to have any interest in music and I never heard the radio play music when they had it on. They both did not have any records and there was no facilities to play music.

One day I bought a Burning Spear album and was playing it when Vera suddenly got very animated and I worked out that she like the track which was playing, Throw Down Your Arms. It just happened to be one of my favourite reggae track ever and still is. Vera loved this track and I virtually had to put the track on repeat. I played the track many times in the future for her. Oddly enough I never found any other piece of music she was remotely interested in.

My Dad was the same except the first time he heard Albatross by Fleetwood Mac. He just loved it and asked me to get it for him. It was his one and only record.

Finally one little story about Vera. She was watch The Planet of the Apes series in the seventies. She did not understand it but she still liked to watch. It finished and the adverts came on and suddenly Vera piped up, I thought the programme had finished. She got confused with the Brooke Bond advert featuring the Chimps. 
I still like to think it was a mistake but I have a sneaky feeling she was playing me.. 

FLEETWOOD MAC - Albatross (1970)

PS, I featured this pic before, but it is the only one I have where they both feature.


Do you like Singer/Songwriters/Alt-Country/Americana or Indie-Folk, or do you have a unhealthy affection to the sadness, if so you may have a case of the Tuesday Blues!

Jim Guthrie - So small (2003)

I love having these "where have I been" moments. When you discover an artist that has been around for years but you never knew existed. Well meet Jim Guthrie.  A Canadian singer/songwriter that has influenced people like Arcade Fire, Broke Social Scene and countless others.  Nominated for a Juno award in 2003 and his 2013 solo album Takes Time was long listed for the Polaris Music Prize. I clearly know nothing, but then again, I can say I know now. 

...five songs for Stevie G

Old Pa's Corner :-
Terakaft - Anabayou (2015)

The band are pioneers of desert blues, they are one of the most well known bands representing a style that has become famous internationally since early 2000 called Tuareg rock. 2 members used to play with Tinariwen.

Here is the track Anabayou which is spot on if you like your Desert Blues. It is from the album Alone (2015)
Fantasma - 'Basbizile' (2015)

This track's a real head turner. The melange of Hip Hop, electro and traditional Zulu music hitting all my musical tickle spots, making me kick my leg out like a dog getting a tummy rub. These prawns hail from South Africa and feature a quintet of popular DJ's and musicians including Jo'burg rapper and founder, Spoek Mathombo. Their trademark 'Guzu' sound can be found on the excellent album, Free Love, which was out in March.

Soundway Records....

Shell Hunter:-
DJ Yoda - '2468' (2015)

With all the Star Wars hype at the moment it only seems fitting this is my track of the week. You can rest assured it is a lot better than what the actual Yoda might come up with, what with his quirky backwards talk. In the small window I have to listen to new music, this was perfect to welcome the day to with my little squirming babe. From the new album Breakfast Of Champions, it's got a great beat, it's educational and it's got old school Nintendo Game Boy noises too! The sort of musical lift a mum needs in the morning!

Hop Along - The Knock (2015)

Philadelphia pop punk outfit Hop Along are new to me. Lead singer and writer Frances Quinlan’s scratchy, distinctive voice sounds like an angel who has gone off the rails, visualise Gemma Hayes mixed with Kurt Cobain?  Recorded and mixed by John Agneoll (Kurt Vile, Dinosaur Jr., Sonic Youth) this features on their recently released second album, Painted Shut. The albums pretty damn good to.

London Scouser:-
The Prodigy - 'The Day Is My Enemy' (2015)

I recently found an old compilation CD I made in which I committed a musical sin... In that I had 2 tracks by the same artist on it... Its okay though as Shellhunter has since taught me the law. The 2 tracks were 'Girls' & 'Baby's Got A Temper' by The Prodigy, after hearing them again I decided to check out their latest album. The title track immediately stood out for me with its infectious drums and the female vocals, which I recognised the voice but couldn't place her. I have since found out it was 'Tricky's' oft collaborator Martina Topley-Bird. The rest of the album has some bummers but its getting back to their best IMHO. The video I've used is of a live show in Australia so different to the album version, but equally intoxicating.

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The Holy Grail

JIMI HENDRIX - All Along the Watchtower - Rehearsals

This is just fabulous, it like finding the Holy Grail of Dylan Covers. It is pretty near a recognised fact that the Electric Ladyland version of All Along the Watchtower is probably the greatest Dylan cover of all time. I would have to agree, it takes a lot of beating. It is the perfect rock record, it has got the lot.

You can play this at my funeral and I will certainly be smiling when the flames come for me.

This can be found on the 6 CD set Naked Ladyland.  Above is a 35 min series of rehearsals showing how they get to the final recording. There is also some more of the same on one of the other discs. This is a must for Hendrix and Dylan fans alike. Absolutely Brilliant.

Added Bonus,  Jimi Plays Live at Newport 1969 Like a Rolling Stone.

JIMI HENDRIX - Like a Rolling Stone - Live Newport '69

...five worthy winners this week

The Chemical Brothers - 'Go' feat Q-Tip (2015)

The Chemical Brothers are back with a new album featuring several guests (Cate Le Bon, St Vincent & Beck to name a few) and the single 'Go' features former collaborator, Q-Tip. Apart from the fact that this'll no doubt be the theme to countless fitness montages and the dreadful video (apparently it's about the existentialist misinterpretation of women's freedom of expression in today's society)* it's a great track, the first hit of the summer? Two long term favourites of mine so any doubts are therefore nullified, as I must like it regardless. 'Born in the Echoes' is out on July 17th. 

*no not really, I have no idea what it is about. It's still crap. 

Shell Hunter:-
Mumford And Sons - 'Snake Eyes' (2015)

I would normally shun the likes of safe family listening "Mumford" but gradually over time so many of their songs have grown on me. But hang on, this track doesn't sound anything like them; no banjos (which is a shame as that was what won me over), more guitar based and grown up. The only real give away was the lead vocals and at least those haven't changed otherwise what would be left of the Mumford And Sons signature sound? Their latest album Wilder Mind released on May 4th (Star Wars day) is going a new direction. So fed up of being put in a genre box by their band name and banjos sees them trying to jazz it up a bit. I would like to hear from a die hard Mumford fan to see what they really reckon but for the moment I'm listening.

Cillie Barnes - Facework (2015)
I've been transfixed with this track recently and it's probably due to it sounding like a mash of Bjorks "play dead" meets portishead. Cillie Barnes is actually Singer-songwriter Vanessa Long and it appears on a collection of singles titled Friendly Witch, which was produced by Bright Eye's Mike Mogis and Nate Walcott.

London Scouser:-
Great Lake Swimmers - 'Zero In The City' (2015)

The past couple of weeks, 2 albums have been on my Spotify rotational wheel. Blur's long awaited return and 'A Forest Of Arms' by Canada's Great Lake Swimmers. As good as the former is, the latter has quite literally blown me away. I've seen them described as indie-folk and as sounding similar to Damien Jurado, so two ticks for me. This is the best new (to me at least) band I've heard since 'Hiss Golden Messenger' who really impressed the whole Tune Doctor family last year. Every track on the album is a winner, and I'm predicting a majority vote in favour of at least one track featuring on everyone's #tracksoftheyear.

You heard it hear first (if not the songs, then at least my statement)

Old Pa's Corner :-
Tom Russell - The Rose of Roscrae (2015)


Here is the title track of Tom Russell's new concept album The Rose of Roscrae (2015). You can hear the influences here but I just love it. Think Carrifergus and Shennandoh, they shine through, but nevertheless it is pretty good. 

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with a gun in his eye
MEAT LOAF - Forever Young (2003)
Well, it is DIVA week, here we have two versions of Forever Young by two top Divas the first is by Meat Loaf who has not really recovered from his brilliant album  Bat out of Hell. The other is by the Diva of all Divas, Diana Ross herself 
The Meat Loaf cover can be found on his album Couldn't Have Said It Better (2003) and the Diana Ross version was on her 1984 album Swept Away.
DIANA ROSS - Forever Young (1984)

Three tracks to welcome a Princess......

Slaves - 'Cheer Up London' (2015)

Cheer up London! What a bloody racket!!

Sfw featured the Tonbridge Wells duo at the turn of the year and they've slowly but surely become one of my favourite bands. In fact they're probably one of the best UK bands around. I was fortunate enough to catch a bit of their Latitude set last year with 'White Knuckle Ride' very much a highlight. So with sold out gigs, a busy festival circuit and a growing fan base, they'll be household names in no time, no bovver! They've even blown the budget on the above video. 'Cheer Up London' is taken from the band's forthcoming second album, Are You Satisfied.

Ryan Adams - I Do Not Feel Like Being Good (2015)
Ryan Adams has been releasing a number of EPs since last years self-titled album. Some have been great where others haven't been up to the Adams grade. However, this is is bloody good. It was recorded solo-acoustic in a single afternoon and has the feel of Heartbreaker material. It has been released as a 7" single (which interestingly have all sold out) but thankfully is available on spotify for the rest of us!

Old Pa's Corner :-
Lau - Ghosts

Here is a beautiful take of the fabulous song Ghosts by folk group Lau. This is a live version from 2012 but there is a studio version on their new album The Bell That Never Rang (2015).

Sir I was born here
So where would I go? 

Track of the year alert!

Here is the album version you can find in Soundcloud if you can'not wait for my birthday tomorrow. My prezzie to myself tomorrow too.

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Here are three different takes of Too Much of Nothing by the short lived Fotheringay, two are live and one is the studio version.

FOTHERINGAY - Too Much of Nothing (1970)

Bremen, Germany, 11-28-70.
FOTHERINGAY - Too Much of Nothing (1970)
Live In Rotterdam / 1970
FOTHERINGAY - Too Much of Nothing (1970)

Album Fotheringay (1970)


Sleep with Men

JIM REEVES - I Won't Come in While He's There

One of my favourite voices of all time, the fabulous. the silky tones of Genteman Jim.


She wanted to have her freedom
(sleep with  men)
The bar was warm it was bright
I stood alone at the bar
I asked for a beer and a whiskey to chase
The juke box was busy and playing loud
It was country tunes
My empty glasses
Needed a quick refresh
The words ‘I won’t  come in while he’s there
Stungthey stung in my grieving ears
The light mixed with the smoke
People had no faces
Voices were a drone

 I needed a drink
i slipped on my 'Famous' Black Trenchcoat
i headed for the door, the night, the biting rain
searching for another Bar, searching for anywhere
wanting her

Verse 1: Is here


Do you like Singer/Songwriters/Alt-Country/Americana or Indie-Folk, or do you have a unhealthy affection to the sadness, if so you may have a case of the Tuesday Blues!

Gregory Alan Isakov - Light Year  (2009)
If you are about to lose your mind, maybe that game of FIFA hasn't gone to plan and that vein on your head feels like its gonna blow like Krakatoa, this may be the perfect antidote.   It features on his 2009 album, This Empty Northern Hemisphere and brought me back down the other the night.  It was just what I needed, and stopped me going all Michael Douglas (Falling Down).

Three tracks that'll make you split your trousers...

Other Lives - Easy Way Out (2015)

2011's Tamer Animals was one of my albums of the year.  It was a multi-layer of sonic lushness that could have been constructed into a cake that Mary Berry would be proud of.  Since then they've been very quite with only a couple of EPs to whet the appetite.  Thankfully, they are back with Rituals, which will be released in May.  I'm so excited that I could wee. 

Old Pa's Corner:-
The Soft Moon - Wasting (2015)

Think Cure and maybe Hawkwind a tiny pinch of Joy Division and you get an idea of the what to expect from this beauty from The Soft Moon. It is from their new album called Deeper (2015). Right up my street is this! suitably haunting and dark.. I need more!

Jamie XX - 'Loud Places' feat Romy (2014)

This is possibly my track of the year so far, it took a few listens but it's finally burrowed in my head. I'm a fan of the XX anyway and this also features fellow band member Romy on vocals but it's very unlike their trademark 'miserable as those two old bastards in the muppets' sound. Despite myself being the biggest grump in the galaxy, this, for fear of sounding a bit cheeseballs, is uplifting with it's choir like chorus and Jamie's impeccable production. Not to mention the skating in the video. 'Loud Places' is taken from the equally impressive four track preview of his forthcoming debut album, In Colour. Something to really look forward to.

Shell Hunter:-
Is having her appendix out...

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Could you ever be true


Here are two great covers of Love Sick by White Stripes, the first is from a concert live in Sydney 10-11-03.

The second is from a new live album Under Amazonian Lights (2015). Can we have more Dylan Cover Mr White please?? 

Musical Medicine....Grand designs for the soul.

Courtney Barnett...Alan Titchmarch a big fan


Courtney Barnett - 'Depreston' (2015)

I love her witticisms, her Aussie drawl and song delivery. 'Depreston' would be my house hunting song of choice if we could afford to move. Instead we've remortgaged to destroy a leaky garage but not to convert it to a music den but into a utility room slash loo for when you can't be arsed to go upstairs for a wee. Except we prob didn't remortgage the song says 'if you've got a spare half a million, you could knock it down and start again', if only. 'Depreston' is taken from her exceptional album, Sometimes I Just Sit and Think, Sometimes I Just Sit, released earlier this year. (listen to it here on Spotify)

Courtney Barnett - 'Avant Gardener' (2013)

'Avant Gardner' was the track that initially drew my attention to Courtney's talents. One of my favourite tracks from 2013, it tells the tale of a slacker with good intentions to clear up her garden but it ultimately ends up badly as she has an asthma attack, all told in her trademark deadpan style. Brilliant. Should have stayed in bed instead. The umpire in the video looks familiar, I can't put my finger on it. 'Avant Gardener' is taken from the 2013 EP, The Double EP: A Sea of Split Peas. (listen to it here on Spotify)

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