Five treats to help you on your Easter egg hunt..

Ratking - 'So Sick Stories' feat King Krule (2014)

I've had high hopes for New York's Ratking ever since they broke on the scene, especially as they're one crew that seem to be going against the Hip Hop grain. 'So Sick Stories' does not disappoint, featuring London's King Krule (featured in a TOTW, last year) with his Billy Braggish flow and you've got perfect Hip Hop for the wee small hours. In fact it wouldn't go amiss on our Late Night Hip Hop playlists which you can listen/subscribe to here (Vol.1 & Vol.2). Ratking's debut album, So it Goes, was released April 7th.

Check their website here...


The Black Keys - Turn Blue (2014)

Turn Blue is the title track from The Black Keys latest album, released on 12th May. It was produced by Danger Mouse alongside Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney and is the follow up to Fever.  Slinky guitar, falsetto vocals and if you listen carefully, a sweet electronic bass. One for bumping and grooving

Old Pa:-
Paolo Nutini - Let Me Down Easy (2014)

Well that was a surprise! I have heard of Paolo Nutini before and for some reason I just dismissed him without ever hearing him. A bit pathetic really. He has a tremendous soul voice and the girl singer on this track is brilliant too. He is also Scottish. This is a great blues track from his new album Caustic Love. (2014). I just love these little surprises. I am off to listen to the rest of the album.

Shell Hunter:-
The Amazing Snakeheads - 'Flatlining' (2014)

I'm still suffering a case of the post holiday blues and was pretty much hating life having to go back to work on Monday. On the way home I had on Xfm's Xposure with John Kennedy and heard the rawest blues punk sound ever! The vocals were like my mood personified, a little bit pissed off really! A real scotch accent seemed to emphasize each word and made it all the more interesting. I was enjoying the constant dark drone and stop-start, I didn't want it to end! The Amazing Snakeheads, I found out are a trio from Glasgow who have only just released their debut entitled Amphetamine Ballads and are described to fuse rockabilly, goth, blues and garage. Ya cannae go wrong we' that!

London Scouser:-
Megafauna - 'Time To Go'

This week sees the release of Megafauna's debut album 'Maximalist' and I'm pleased to say that they are helping me continue in my 'Austin Phase'. I've seen them described as Queens Of The Stone Age meets Bjork which is a pretty good combo for me. This is the latest single from the album following 'Haunted Factory' which was released in February this year. I like what I hear so far, and this helps me to eat my words of last year when I made a throwaway comment about most women in rock being a bit naff when I featured a track by 'Futureages'

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Somthing is happening here??

LAIBACH - Ballad of a Thin Man (2011)

Here are two Covers of  Ballad of a Thin Man from two European Bands. The first is by our Slovenian friends Laibach and is from their album An Introduction to (2011).

The second take was recorded by the Belgian band Triggerfinger from a Radio session in May 2011.

Both version lose nothing of the dark mystery of the song. I especially like the Laibach take.
TRIGGERFINGER - Ballad of a Thin Man (2011)


A loaded Shell Hunter and London Scouser, a hidden Old Pa!

GRAM PARSONS - Streets of Baltimore

Last week of my Thailand adventure with Shell Hunter and London Scouser. I hope there will be some stories to tell and will be dissapointed if there are not. I am sure it will be great to return and get things back  to normal and catch up with all the music I have missed when a way.

I will also see my 3 dogs and two parrots. I hope they have not forgotton about me. I bet they have. It is funny how they rush to Old Ma all the time... 

I don't exist..

even in a dogs world!.

I must be more calm and  assertive

Here are two great tracks from Gram Parson's first solo album GP. This is some of the best country I have ever heard and this album is up there with Kris Kristoffersons first two albums.  Oh! what a shame that Gram was taken from us so young.

You must recognise the backing singer.  Of course it is a very young  Emmylou Harris, who went onto change her hair style a few times and turned out some pretty good stuff on the way,
GRAM PARSONS - We'll Sweep out The Ashes in the Morning 


You all must be getting fed up of all these bloody footnotes. I am!

'You did not go on Holiday. Deal with it and move on'  I hear you all say!.

'Slow down!  I moved on 3 weeks ago, where have you been?.'

Not going on Holiday I could loose about £1,300 if I get all back what is promised to me. If the Insurance Company pay up, I will get it all back. I am not holding my breath as I do not trust any Insurance Company, as they will find a way out of not paying. To be honest I have written it off and if I do get it well I will celebrate then.

It is a bit like Deal or no Deal.(what's Deal or no Deal).  You have all these people who come on the show with big dreams and are full of what they will do with 'their winnings'. They start of smiling and happy, fully expecting their dreams to come true. If they loose they break down. They don't understand!  Oh! I do love that part.

Don't they realise the game is like life or a game of cards. You can only play with what is dealt to you or however the game pans out.

You have to play with what you get and make the most of that. If it is your day you win. If it is not you loose. Be prepared to take your best option.

Ask me Noel! what I will do with the money after I win. 

If I loose, well there is always box 23.

Ooooh! I think I have been spanked by the Banker!

I am an OHO! I am an OHO! I am an OHO!

By for now Pilgrims.   

Who the bleep is Allen Peter Bazeley I hear you ask... Well let me tell you

He was my Dad and the person I miss the most. April 15th 1989 is a date etched in history due to the horrific scenes that happened at Hillsborough that Saturday afternoon. For me it is the worst date ever... It was the day my Dad died.
The last photo of Dad, taken about 2 weeks before he died with his niece Zoe
I was born in 1972 on the sunny island of Cyprus, Dad was in the British Army and was stationed there at the time. Shortly after I was born he found out that he had 'Hodgkins Disease' a form of cancer that fights the immune system, meaning that just getting the common cold could be really serious for him. I remember being told that his Mum looked it up in her medical books and it stated that the only cure was arsenic !!
For the first 17 years of my life the cancer came and went a total of 4 times. Each time it took more of a toll on his body and made him weaker. I remember about 3 or 4 years before he was in hospital and the surgeon told my Mum that he wasn't expected to last the night. He did, but as part of the operation he had 6 feet of gangarous gut removed. He was a fighter that's for sure. It sounds awful but on the morning of April 15th I was annoyed with him. He'd fallen ill over night and needed to be taken into the hospital. The reason I was annoyed was because it was FA Cup Semi Final day and I was a Liverpool supporter and I knew that I was gonna miss the game. He'd been ill so many times that I was beginning to feel he was invincible and therefore I didn't see the point in going. I'm glad I did obviously. He was transferred to Hammersmith Hospital where he passed away at 21.30. It wasn't the cancer, his body had finally given in.

But enough of the morbidness, I would like to share a couple of songs that he loved combined with some memories of him. I hope you like them as much as he did.

Phil Collins - 'In The Air Tonight' (1981)

My Mum remembers a funny little story about this song... These are her words.

'In 1981 while living Kerkrade in Holland we went to the out of town hypermarket and one of the many things we bought was Face Value, the Phil Collins LP. After unpacking the shopping when we got home. We realised that we had left the LP in the shopping trolley!! Needless to say we were angry, but we saw the funny side of it.  We did buy it again, not sure from where, possibly the NAAFI, and I think it is upstairs in the attic right now.'
Laughing about the missing album ??
My favourite musical memory of my Dad was when I bought the tape of the Pet Shop Boys album 'Disco' it only had 6 songs on it , 3 on each side of tape. Dad borrowed it from me one day and it remianed in his car for well over a year. It was the only thing he listened to for that entire time, thankfully the car stereo in his Yugo Zastava was advanced enough to play it and turn the tape over automatically. He never got sick of it, and to be honest even now I still love the album. This was his favourite track on the tape.

Pet Shop Boys - 'In The Night' (1986)

Finally I'll leave you with one of his favourite artists of the 1960's from a few years before he met my Mum

George Jones & Gene Pitney - 'Don't Rob Another Man's Castle' (1965)

25 years on... RIP Dad


Do you like Singer/Songwriters, or do you have a unhealthy affection to the sadness, if so you may have a case of the Tuesday Blues!

Lee DeWyze - Blackbird Song (2014)
I have recently started watching the The Walking Dead and despite it being about Zombies, I'm hooked.  My wife and I are particularly slow when it comes to watching TV series'.  We'll often view an entire box set of a series (or two) over a weekend to 'get into' a show.  I call it "binge viewing".  It usually happens on a Sunday and like a pair of potheads we'll stash up on cakes, crisps and spend the entire day viewing - we may even stay in our pyjamas. Oh the shame.

Lee DeWyze is a former winner of American Idol who has just released his latest album called Frames.  

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Three tracks that weren't in opposition for us...

Glass Animals - Gooey(2014)

This ones a bit, er, Gooey.  With its artsy video that features characters who pose nude, dance, wrestle, and all linked together by the presence of a slimy, mysterious substance. Despite that sounding like a Saturday night out for MTV Valleys - the bump and groove beat and falsetto vocals is as infectious as a bout of ebola. It's by Glass Animals, an Oxford based four-piece who have just released it on their 'Gooey' Ep.  It was produced by writer/musician/producer/extraordinaire Paul Epworth.

Old Pa:-
New Order -Singularity (2014)


It is always exciting to hear a new, New Order song even although probably their best days have come and gone. This is a live version of the new song Singularity recorded at Lollaplooza in Buenos Aires. There are several takes of the song available in YouTube, none are brilliant quality, but this take is about the best. It is typical of vintage New Order and has a nice hook (with apologise to Hooky who is not there).  I am certainly looking forward to a rumoured album to be released later this year. I will definately give it a shot..

Cousin Marnie - 'Farewell Nellie' (2013)

I've been captivated by the haunting 'Farewell Nellie', all this week. Daydreaming about the song being an old sea shanty for a fisherman off to dangerous seas, or a Country ballad about a soldier off to war, or a disgruntled airport worker, like I, reluctantly driving into work early one morning, the parallels are striking! I read about London's Cousin Marnie (not really her name) earlier this year, about how her style ranges from Country to Hip Hop to Folk. "A treat for the ears!', I thought and last year's debut EP, Sleeping, is a worthy listen. Which interestingly covers four Carter Family tracks, a group that were a big influence on her. Her forthcoming EP, Cain, is out later this year and you can hear the title track 'Cain' on Soundcloud.

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Rockaby sweet Baby James
JAMES TAYLOR - Don't Think Twice its Alright 

Here are two covers by James Taylor. The first is from a concert in Denver on the 16 May 2006 and for the second one he is joined by Carly Simon and Graham Nash and was recorded at the the No Nukes concert in 1997. It appears on the album of the same name No Nukes (1997)

JAMES TAYLOR/Carly Simon/Graham Nash - The Times they are a Changin' 


can you smell the flavours?


LED ZEPPELIN - Your Time is Gonna Come

It is my 3rd week on vacation in Thailand with Shell Hunter and London Scouser. I am a big fan of the place and have been probably about 10 times over the past 30 years. When I worked in Saudi Arabia during the eighties we used to go quite often go for a spot of R&R. In these days I could write my own tickets with Saudia Arabian Airlines. 'These were the Days my friend'. And as Mary Hopkins said.. 'I wish I stayed in the fookin' valleys!'

I first heard Led Zeppelin on an Atlantic Sampler  from 1970,  what a brilliant album that was, check it out.

Your time is Gonna Come is from their first album and has always been a favourites of mine. The second track from Houses of the Holy and is a nice little bit of Reggae-ish. Not their finest hour, but what the 'ell I'm on holiday and  I like it.

LED ZEPPLIN - D'Yer Ma'ker 


On Holiday, On Holiday My arse! see previous Posts. 

Never mind it has not been all bad, the weather has been in the twenties with blue skies.  We had a nice meal by the sea last week. I should have not had that third brandy, I should not have stopped of at that new bar on the way home! I should not have gone to Pat's Bar!

Waking up the next morning was one of 'those',  Oh God! what happened, did I upset Old Ma, did I kill anybody, how did I get home?.

I can't take my drink anymore. Normally I do not drink much these days but when I do get the opportunity I tend to go for it. I really should know better. I did find a Pop Corn wrapper, so I must have given a large bowl a hammering as there was little evidence left apart from a few kernels that did not pop. But I don't like Pop Corn!

I had the hungers all bloody day and still felt a bit off the day after. So the moral of the story is, if you can't handle your Pop Corn, then stay out of Pat's Bar! 

A final Footnote next week

Do you like Singer/Songwriters, or do you have a unhealthy affection to the sadness, if so you may have a case of the Tuesday Blues!

Marc Scibilia - Something Good in This World (2013)

This has been on my 'system' the last few weeks and despite the glossiness of it all, (he's on Sony) it's a damn fine track.  Marc Scibilia is an American singer-songwriter based in East Nashville, Tennessee.  He originally started out playing piano and in particular, Billy Joel songs. At 18 he discovered Bob Dylan and like us at Tune Doctor, it all went downhill from there. He switched to guitar and has spent the last few years honing his skills as a songwriter.  His latest EP The Shape I’m In was partly recorded at Electric Lady Studios and mixed by Michael Brauer (Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, John Mayer).

Despite my usual desire to play something sad on a Tuesday, this bucks the trend.  Forget the sadness, this one is uplifting!

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I've slept with a pop star...

If you have as well tell us who it was by clicking here

Madonna (with Massive Attack)- 'I Want You' (1995)

Now that I've got your attention I'll explain myself... When Madonna first came to my attention with 'Like A Virgin' and 'Material Girl' I wasn't impressed. My older brother however was a big fan and bought the album and both singles if memory serves me. I finally saw sense when she released her follow up album 'True Blue' and overnight I became the worlds biggest Madonna fan. Or at least Feltham's I'm sure. I managed to persuade my Mum to buy me the duvet set of the True Blue album sleeve... And give or a take a few nights when it was being washed I slept with Madonna for pretty much 5 or six years. I bought everything she released, tapes, then CD's. Video's then DVD's. I bought all of her films, even the really bad quality naff porno she made before hitting it big. And I'm here to admit that I really enjoyed the 'Who's That Girl' film. Sod it, I even liked 'Shanghai Surprise' !!! It feels good to say that out loud, as I've been holding it in for too many years. I bought her book 'Sex' from that most rock and roll of places... WH Smith's in Hounslow. I've seen her live at Wembley Stadium twice also. I wonder how much money I've devoted to my obsession with Ms Ciccone over the years ??? Quite a bit, and yet my favourite item wasn't bought by me... Thanks Mum.

Similar to mine, but Mum always ironed it !!
I love this version of the classic 'Marvin Gaye' song which featured on her 1995 compilation album 'Something To Remember' the collaboration with 'Massive Attack' is haunting and sexy all at the same time.
I've decided to add my favourite track from 'True Blue' as a bonus for you, it was the song that probably wore out the rewind mechanism on my walkman back in the day after I would listen over and over under the duvet (in case my mum saw I wasn't sleeping and would have a go). 'Where's The Party' was never released as a single but there was a great remix of it on her 'You Can Dance' compilation album. That's the version here... Enjoy like I did and still do

NERD ALERT! - On Madonna's first world tour, she was supported by 'The Beastie Boys'

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For all of you that like the original's here is Marvin Gaye's from 1976

Three smog clearers that were a breath of fresh air this week...

Old Pa:-
The Men - Sleepless (2014)

I just had to feature this track, for 2 mornings now I woke up and it was there. That is always a good sign, so it just had to be done. The track is from The Men's new album Tomorrow's Hits and it is rather good. I love when a track burrows its way into your brain but sometimes it can be annoying. Take that bloody advert for, I can't remember but the song is the Phil Collins song True Colours and I find myself humming it as I go about my business. I used to like Phil Collins.  

Prince Fatty - 'Did You Really Know' feat Soom T (2014)

You can't beat a bit of rootsy dub to blow your kid's minds! My listening habits have changed somewhat over the past few weeks with a brand new wee one ruling the crib, it's a bit difficult to playing the likes of Mastodon or Public Enemy without adding to the chaos. Reggae is the perfect answer, Gregory Isaacs was the only thing that would sooth my eldest son and now it's London's Prince Fatty (a nod to King Tubby) to the rescue for my youngest. It must be the hypnotic bass and beat of the music, something primal like a heartbeat...perfect for 'jigging' around trying to calm an angry baby. I'm a big fan of his brand of old school reggae/dub and 'Did You Really Know' is taken from his latest and 6th album, Prince Fatty VS Mungo's Hi-Fi, released last month. Easy Kno!

Prince Fatty on Mr Bongo records...

Little Hurricane - Sheep in Wolves Clothes (2014)

San Diegans, Little Hurricane, consist of duo of Anthony "Tone" Catalano and drummer Celeste "C.C." Spina who refer to themselves as [the] "dirty blues duo". They met when "Tone" was advertising for drummers on Craigslist and the rather lovely "C.C." answered the call. They've just released their second album, "Gold Fever" through their own label, Death Valley Records. I'd recommend you checkout their website, where you can download a free covers album, titled Stay Classy (A Collection of Covers). It all sounds a bit Anchorman to me, but like Ron and the Channel 4 news team, these duo are on the cusp of being a "big deal".

Stay Classy!

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Musical Medicine....a track that's like a good session in the swim up bar for the soul!

None but ourselves can free our minds

Bob Marley - 'Redemption Song' (1980)

I have chosen this song for a couple of reasons. Last year I went to Jamaica for a holiday and was expecting to be bombarded with Bob Marley songs all day long. I was wrong, it was mostly modern ragga stuff which doesn't really appeal. It's far too aggressive and not what I wanted to hear sipping my Red Stripe on the beach! 

Finally, I heard a bit of Bob, this particular song which I never really took much notice of before. It's not quite the stereotypical 'jammin' reggae you get on holiday resorts. I only remember a guy strumming it on a guitar and singing it during the sad funeral scene from the movie The Beach. This time though, I really listened "none but ourselves can free the mind". I never realised they were words from a Marcus Garvey speech and how influential a song it was. Even considered one of his best works! 

When I came back from Jamaica, I saw that Marley the recent documentary was on and made sure I watched it straight away. I ashamedly realised I actually knew nothing about The Great Bob Marley, his life and what he did for the people of Jamaica. 

All this came back to me last week, walking along the beach in Koh Phi Phi on the way to one of the only restaurants there for dinner. I could hear a guitar gently strumming over the lapping waves and one of the other hotel guests singing it. It's a beautiful song and is now right up there with my favourites from Bob. It means so much more to me now.

One Love, Jamiaca.

But the tears on her cheeks are from laughter.
MATRIMONY - Tombstone Blues (2013)

Here are two 'interesting' versions of Tombstone Blues

The first take is by American Folk Rock group Matrimony it comes as an extra track on the Sound Track of the new Carrie Movie. Which incidentally is a bit of a dud and really a pointless excerise. Saying that the Sound Track is excellent.

The other version by 'expeimental ' rock group  Hifiklub come as a digital exclusive only and can be found on the  Dylan Covers album  Dylan Mania (2008) . This is a pretty good album and gives quite a few, I will say it again 'interesting ' covers' and is certainly worth a listen..

I think I will go for the Hifiklub as my favourite of the two.
My advice is to not let the boys in
HIFIKLUB - Tombstone Blues (2008)


Old Pa on Phi Phi Island

It is my second week on vacation with Shell Hunter and London Scouser. I should be in Thailand by now enjoying the Thai town atmosphere of  hustle buzzle noise of all the bars and the smell of garlic and coriander mixed with a faint hint of sewerage. Everybody has a smile, even when they are ripping you of for a few bahts. I love it all, especially the food.

Next week we will go away to Phi Phi Island. I was first there over 30 years ago when it only had one small hotel and beach huts. Now there are many hotels and it is pretty commercial. 

We have found a hotel far from the noise where there are only a couple of small beach restaurants run by the local sea gypsies. Fabulous.

It is one of my favourite spots in the world.  (from my limited experience)

Two great tracks from the Boss. The first is from his follow up album to my favourite Bruce album Darkness at the Edge of Town.  Its from the Double album The River and is absolutely brilliant. You could say it is his White Album.

The second selection is Bruce doing his  Big O Tribute. He trys to get the Roy Orbison feel and it is spot on as far as I am concerned. 

'A real Brucie Bonus I say!'   



Second week my Arse...see last weeks post!

Just found out that my big toe is not infected and it should heal OK, so I suppose that is a bit of a bonus. Here is the first Pic of Shellhunter and London Scouser (self taken) at the Rock Bar in Karon Beach. SH has a  firm hand on her Chang.

'How I wish you were here with me now' 

What song please, the first person will get a case of Chang and a racy thong in the post. 

Looking on the bright side I can get back on my diet....every cloud and all that!

More Footnotes next week!

Do you like Singer/Songwriters, or do you have a unhealthy affection to the sadness, if so you may have a case of the Tuesday Blues!

Wrap up warm son

Dustin Tebbutt - Bones (2014)
I first became aware of Dustin Tebbutt from his fantastic debut EP, The Breach, of which the title track was one of my tracks of year. The comparisons with Bon Iver/Justin Vernon are obvious - falsetto singing with acoustic guitar but he does add his own individuality to the mix.  This Aussie spent two years in Sweden capturing all the delights & influences of of the northern hemisphere - the northern lights, Jose Gonzalez, The Tallest Man on Earth and possibly meatballs and lingonberry jam.   It was written and recorded between Stockholm, Melbourne and Armidale, and features Josh Schuberth and Rikard Lindaham on drums and bass.  Hopefully this EP is a sign of a possible album on the way. He's playing some dates in UK, Europe & North America this year and hopefully I'll get to see him on his travels!  Looking forward to hearing more.  This is out on itunes now. 

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